Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Old Lady at the Crynant bus stop and about not getting our country back.

Hayley dropped me off at Ystradgynlais bus station this morning to catch the T6 to Neath .An old lady climbed onto the bus at Crynant. .She could not get her heavy trolley onto it.I helped her.The driver offered took....miserable looking passengers stared this getting our country back Nigel? When we got to Alfred Street in Neath she wanted to get off as she was catching a train as I was...I helped her off with the case.I said loudly what I had just thought...the passengers looked on blankly ...but the old lady agreed with day we will all be vulnerable catching a bus in an early wet morning ..carrying a heavy suitcase...does it frighten us si much that we deny we see it? Do we turn from the refugee...the person on benefit....the homeless because we see ourselves in their eyes and are afraid that we could be them? I hope that is the answer ..not that we have been killed by the Daily Mail into being callous and unfeeling. By the way I have just seen the old lady get onto the train on platform 1 of Neath station.She said to me that she felt civilisation was declining I hope she is wrong.......and yet I see the kipper Chorus we see weekly on Question Time..the bald men with hard faces and harder eyes as they sing
""Complain, complain, that's all you've done
Ever since you lost
If it's not the Crucifixion
Then it's the Holocaust."
"May Christ have mercy on your soul
For making such a joke
Amid these hearts that burn like coal
And the flesh that rose like smoke."

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