Friday, 1 December 2017

Critical thoughts of the left and right..the limits to tolerance

Critical thoughts of the left and right..All of us who think deeply must always be aware that those who are critical of society also experience our own blind spots and prejudices. I see too many people on the left who fail to recognise that.

However on the right there is rarely such a problem. Who a couple of exceptions the right fm back on terms such as common sense or shout snowflake when challenged. The good old "libertarians" don't even try. They assume their own personality is an illustration of freedom and confuse their narcissism with ideology. The idea of a critical consideration of structure and society is meaningless to them. Consequently the right looks back to what they thought things were like rather than how things could be. Without constant revolution within the psyche and self something inside of us dies. Nietzche commented most critically upon the conservative...however few on the left ever read him ..anyway we are nearly on the Fabian Way.. enjoy your Friday.Naomi Klein is on Desert Island discs at 9...

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