Friday, 11 January 2019

The wrath of Recco Ress and other Strasserite stories of Swansea`s Far Right

..We have seen the face of the hard right this week. We have seen the angry men bully, surround and mock others. These are the men who talk of defending the traditional way of life. Yet the irony is that they cannot tell you what they are defending and most of all they cannot tell you who they themselves are . The Far Right is insecure, they fear the other, they fear another ethnicity, another sexuality, another faith or indeed another lens, or indeed another book or perspective. What do the far right groups define other than a vain attempt to deal with ontological insecurity. The men have bald heads, they dress in Yellow Jackets, they march in groups and behave as if in a borg like collective. They use the same words, such as "patriotic" and they accuse others of being authoritarian and yet when challenged they talk about "paying visits" to those who disagree with them. They project and displace their own darkness on others and are completely unaware both of themselves and of the history of groups like them. They shout out "Nazi" without seeing the Nazi within, they use Nazi salutes yet talk about getting their country back. Like the Bavarian proto fascists they seek to do "good works" to care for the homeless and honour the "military" . Yet they fail to appreciate the deeper darker motives that their leaders have. They do not see the similarities from Fascist history they are never told, never want to learn or perhaps fear that truth will be discovered.

They are not racist they say but they never read Hitler's claims that he too was not. They work in the community doing good works, teaching sport, showing care but their real aim is to draw in the needy, the lost and the naive to perfectly post modern fascism. Some months ago my little birds and dire wolves illustrated these approaches in exposing the local chapter of Swansea's so called 'Democratic Football Lad's Alliance" . My little observers have brought me even more information concerning this group and it's alleged methods. It also says much about their local Strasserite de facto leader, Football coach "Recco Rees" and his hidden persona and approach. It's a powerful illustration of how the far right is infiltrating the public discourse and political culture. Don't be fooled...
Strasserism (German: Strasserismus or Stra├čerismus) is a strand of Nazism that calls for a more radical, mass-action and worker-based form of Nazism—hostile to Jews not from a racial, ethnic, cultural or religious perspective, but from an anti-capitalist basis—to achieve a national rebirth. It derives its name from Gregor and Otto Strasser, the two Nazi brothers initially associated with this position.

Opposed on strategic views to Adolf Hitler, Otto Strasser was expelled from the Nazi Party in 1930 and went into exile in Czechoslovakia while Gregor Strasser was murdered in Germany on 30 June 1934 during the Night of the Long Knives. Strasserism remains an active position within strands of neo-Nazism.

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