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Once in a Blue Moon …...Whi Chi the channce/change some lyrical political thoughts on January 2018


The first Blue Moon total eclipse for 150 years will take place later this month

A blue moon is when you have two full moons in the same calendar month, while a supermoon occurs when the moon is at a particularly close point in its orbit of the Earth, so it appears bigger.
And the term "Blood Moon" is used during a partial or total lunar eclipse. Occasionally during these eclipses, the moon can take on a deep shade of orange.

In the year 2017 the plague touched us all. It was not confined to the Oran of Albert Camus. The bacillus turned up again in the blood of the shark skinned populists of the right, who in running for power infected Brexit Isle as it shivered and shrivled behind the borders it thought it had claimed back. The plague spread far and wide and as it flowed through the water supply of the right it became cancerous and transformed the sensibilities and sensitivity of the those who once claimed a conscience.

And as the miasma spread cloud like it created within all it touched and promoted a growing ignorance and lack ofknowledge. Education was merely an instrument to create a docile workforce and as the simple ten words of the alt right destroyed all enlightenment thinking . The value of the sxpert mocked by Michael Gove revealed the poison. It was no accident that "Vanity Fair" Gove`s favourite book described a realm of Becky Sharpe in a corrupt plutocratic society that new the price of everything and value of nothing,

The trope of “value for money” described all accounting and all assessment. Education was to be about conditioning and controling. The Libertarian s of the right saw their own narcissism as a measure of all that was good. Trump like they could not distinguish their own egos from common sense. They had no analysis of power, no comparative abilities, they knew no history and fixed common sense as a statistical average of the prejudices of their own blind spots and of the Daily mail and of the Sun. equivalence became their watch word..they knew no past no future. All predictive sciences and arts were nocked. The books they read became thinner with less words and even even fewer letters.

They called them selves "laymen", non -specialists and celebrated the ignorance and lack of reading. They fantasised a past that had never been, dreamnt of a perceived past where binary observations were all there had ever been. Some even forgot those of their own sexualities that had struggled for equality and respect. And as the cult of the individual grew and become more ingrained within the empty reaches of their minds and souls something deep within died, withered and went out.
This was the land of the desert, it was Egypt after the burning of the Library and the land of the Fireman of Fahrenheit 451. This was Orwell's New Speak, the land of those who fear to think critically and assume that analysis was indoctrination. Like the Psychotic they built the castles in the air and moved in to the right hand side of the building. They had nothing to compare it to, they had no point of reference, no map coordinates and no ability to think outside the narcissism of self. They even failed to see the narcissism of small difference that existed behind their “individualism” that was identical to the rest of the alt right with their cigarettes, their Anders Brevik Pony tails and their pretend Oxford Scarves.

In Neath the Milo Yiannopoulos of Aberdulais Falls and the H P Lovecraft of Seven Sisters failed to realise that they were just like all the rest of the tribes of the alt right. Their thought made the analysis of Milo Yiannopoulos's book

appear almost Plato like in quality. Yes they insisted that were all individuals but as the plague moved they failed to understand that they had not gained their country back, that their positivity was built on bricks without straw and substance. Their thoughts half baked and at the pretence of Libertarianism as they failed to understand that the term was an adjective and not a noun. With no knowledge of history, social science or culture they failed to realise that politics was more than a two dimensional axis. They never bothered to read. Some wondered if they could read and as the narcissism spilled out first destroying UkIP and then moving on with its blue bacillus deep into the body of the Tory party.

But as the patient groups of the poor and dispossessed woke up and saw the ageing city slackers of the land and the fifth rate thinkers of the blue-kippers and alt right. The return of two party politics in the mid of 2017 and the re-emergence of true Socialism spread through social media. Two paradigms emerged and the right began to fall back. In Holland, in France and in the UK there appeared other lens..that sadly knew them not. As Brexit bit and the scales fell from the eyes of many. A new Left paradigm began to grow. It changed the Labour Party and destroyed the Blairite tendency that had staged entryism and take over of the party. 

The plague strangely gave the left an antidote or chemotherapy to the solid brutal neo-liberal agenda that had once thought itself the end of history with the victory of liberal capitalism and the fall of the Berlin Wall. The walls that separated us all began to fall and yet there were still many with internal walls of conditioning that stopped joined up thinking of the soul, mind and intellect. For the first time in fifty years the Left was confident again and the process of Hegelian change moved on. This was Max Weber`s unintended consequences , it was a Gramscian crisis and of the breaking false consciousness of Marxism analysis . It was a perfect storm of advantage for the political left. The change is coming and coming now...

When last the Moon was like this it was 1868. nationalism ran riot, there was an arms race..does it remind you of Europe today..I wonder?

Yet still there are many who fail to realise that we are all a world of immigrants and insist on being in a world of ignorants. There is still far to go..... but welcome to a new world and the year of 2018. A time of change is the most dangerous yet it is out of crisis that a new approach begins. The new paradigm unfurls and the right falls apart....behold the future....where there is fear there is as well power. This is Whi Chi the time of chance and change as the Moon grows we cast the coins of the political I Ching.....these are my words in the last days of the old year.

Once in a “blue moon,” we gaze up at the sky and see another full moon in the same month, like the one appearing this July 31st. It is a moon shrouded in mystery, magic and folklore, perhaps because it only appears once every 2.7 years. The very term “blue moon” is over 400 years old when Shakespeare first wrote the words “blue moon” to mean rare or absurd. The rarity of a full moon appearing twice in one month, or a third full moon appearing in an astronomical season with four full moons versus the normal three, must have inspired the great playwright to coin the term.

The earliest calendars known to humankind marked the passages of the moon. The phases of the moon helped people see the change of seasons. Or helped them make plans for the future. The moon was then regarded as a grand personage, God or Goddess. So it is not surprising that when ancient people saw an “extra” full moon it would spark their imagination, thus creating stories, legends and superstitions.

In some cultures, the blue moon was considered the trickster moon. The faker, not the real full moon, but a mysterious doppelganger. In other cultures the blue moon was considered fortunate, something to celebrate, and a perfect time to start a long-term goal or make plans for the future.

This rarity in the sky has been the basis of myths, legends, and superstitions throughout the world for centuries. The following superstitions are some I heard about, and others I’d read in a rare book titled: The Encyclopedia of Signs, Omens, and Superstitions, by Zolar.

Here are 10 Blue Moon superstitions that have survived the ages.

1. It is unlucky for girls to stare at a blue moon or they will become pregnant by the moon and the child will be a monster.

2. It’s a great idea to pick flowers and berries during a blue moon, as it will bring more abundance, love and beauty into your life.

3. If you see a full moon and it is a blue moon (or second full moon in a month), take a coin in your pocket and turn it over for good luck.

4. If you want to have a baby, be sure to turn the bed down during the blue moon so that you’ll be more fertile.

5. If a member of the family dies during a blue moon, three more will follow.

6. If you sleep with the moon on your face, particularly a blue moon, you may go insane, so blinds were drawn or windows should be closed during all full moon phases (to prevent lunacy).

7. Old gangsters believed if you attempt a robbery on the third day of a blue moon, it will fail. Best not to rob anything at all.

8. If a person becomes ill during a blue moon phase, he will die in 8 days.

9. Looking at a blue moon through glasses or any glass item is considered bad luck for 30 days.

10. To get rid of a wart, blow on it nine times while the blue moon is full.

Although these superstitions seem pretty silly by today’s standards, the fact that they still exist should be considered extraordinary. People still believe in the magic of the moon, its fertility. Some still plan pregnancies during moon cycles, and farmers and gardeners plant crops according to the cycles as well.

Among the metaphysical or spiritual community, particularly wiccans and pagans, a blue moon is a powerful moon. This is usually prime time for rituals for prophecy and protection. It’s also a good time to perform rituals to attract a new job, healings, love, legal undertakings, money and dreams.

So if you are looking to improve your luck or to finish a long-term goal, don’t worry about the ancient superstitions! Instead, focus on this full moon as a lucky one and the beginning of a great new journey for yourself.

"I am the vessel from which All Things spring forth. Honor Me from within your heart! Remember that acts of love and pleasure are My rituals, and that there is beauty in all things. Honor Me on this night of the full moon! I have been with you since the moment you were created, and shall remain with you always. Let there be beauty and strength, wisdom and honor, humility and courage within you. If you need Me, call upon Me and I shall come to you, for I am everywhere, always.

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