Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Brecon and Radnor by election..Wednesday 8 days to go

The Brecon and Radnor by election moves on. I have a steady stream of party members turning up and asking for leaflets. Whatever happens on August 1 it's quite clear that links and friendships are being made and as Branch Secretary I make more contacts and build the branch. I hear more of the Lib Dem canvasser in Cwmtwrch and Pen y Cae who is telling electors that Labour is not standing in the by election. We have identified his name and will be taking it up with his party later today.
One of the best stories I heard today was from a volunteer and now party member who told the 2015 Labour candidate to go away as he was not a Socialist.. The new member joined once a certain JC was elected as leader. It's quite clear that recent changes in the Labour Party are giving us access to a new group of political activists inspired by the move to the left.
I have been restricted by Facebook till 7.30 tonight Apparently saying that Jo Swindleson is a woman but not a sister upset those delicate and truthful Liberal Democrats. I checked on social media and discovered that it's ok to talk about the "fantastic" or "wonderful" candidate but if you criticise policy or substance they cry and report you to Facebook. They fill it with pictures of bland individuals holding up orange diamonds and staring mystically into the distance. They never tell us what they are really for and get upset when I tell people of what they have actually done.
Its quite clear that the Tories have abandoned Chris Davies. No major name has appeared on his campaign. It's obvious that Davies will be the fall guy they can blame for the loss. They don't want a loss to reflect badly on Britain's own Trump.

It occurs to me as well that if you add Brexit Party support to Tory support you reach a figure of 48% for a hard Brexit. The remain alliance must remember that nothing substantial has really changed in terms of the balance in the constituency.I suspect the same applies across the country. Even if the sacred and blessed Jane triumphs nothing will really have changed on European issues. I suspect Corbyns judgement that the general election will be settled on other issues than Europe.
In the eight days to go there is much to do so please look out for events and things you can do. On with my day see you around the highways and byways of Brecon and Radnor. It's a continent not a constituency..I put on my hat and get out there..the heat rises as the Europeans laugh at the spectacle the UK has become. The dog days are here and they and their prepare to hunt the vulnerable and fragile...100 days to Waterloo? And the Brexit before Christmas..

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