Thursday, 31 October 2019

I am the Old Pagan at Samhain..hail to the Crone....

  I am the old politicaI Pagan at Samhain.. it is Samhain the day of the Crone. The Pagan in me celebrates the Celtic new year, the Marxist in me looks at the hidden agendas and the myriad false consciousness promoted by those in power, the Green in me sees another turning of the wheel of the year. As the old dark lady takes us individually and collectively into our Shadow and our Id she takes us to the dark side of the moon and we are haunted by out prejudices, our regrets and our denials. We are confronted by those who have slipped beyond the veil, we hear in our heads words said, words unsaid and words we should never uttered to those who live on this side. As patriarchy is confronted with its consequences both consciously and unconsciously, psychologically and politically we know that it is no accident that patriarchy triumphed at the time of the invention of slavery and of the domestication of animals. It was a time when patriarchy supplanted matriarchy. Samhain should and always be an uncomfortable time for men and the authoritarians who rule over us. From the Bullingdon bully to the Abrahamic Sky Fathers this is and should be the time when our hearts trouble us and our memories disturb the fixed personas we live through . 

As the Tory Party and Brexit Party becomes parodies of unreconstructed masculinity, in all its ontological insecurity and epistemological ignorance we all look at the themes, tropes and theories of finest organic Gammon. As they march to independence day and getting their country back we hear the footfalls of the corporate chiefs of big pharma echoing down the corridors of the high mandarins of Whitehall The Crone shows us all what may be, what is, what could be and what she would ask us to know and do. As the Tory bullies howl at Corbyns green Grenfell tie we see their hearts and minds. She offers us generational change and asks dare we take it? She is the Crone who weighs our hearts and asks us the deep questions that we run from. The uncomfortable realisations confront us and challenge us daily . As the abuse on social media rises to new heights and projections and displacements flow in legion from the Freudian stable of defence mechanisms. In Samhain, on nearly November in dark mornings and darker evenings the hours lessen and the old Dark Lady passes amongst and between us. As Mike Ashley and the Duke of Westminster are called out for their crassness, their brutality and their greed we see what society has become. But however essential this calling out is we must not forget the fascistpsych within us all that is so difficult to exorcise, confront and explain. The Crone helps us here and leads us to integration and hope. All hail on Samhain to the Triple will ..up to the Goddess, down to the God . Across to the waves and into my heart . I am the old Pagan at Samhain and I am coming for you Boris Johnson.

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