Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Quo Vadis? the stench of Cummings....

Quo Vadis? Where are we going? Where are we marching? Boris where goest you and taking us with you. The phrase cones from the Apocryphal Acts of Peter it asks the existential and cultural questions to us all. The implications if the Brexit Party meme that states "that we won two world wars and don't need to be told what to do by a kraut" makes me wetch and feel ashamed of the discourse of the boys war comic from 60 years ago. I am ashamed to have representatives like the Brexit in the European Parliament I am ashamed of the ignorance of history they project. I am ashamed that they copied the Nazi Reichstag tactic of turning their backs. I am ashamed of the toxic clapped language of Cummings and the ERG. It's quite clear where we are going, marching and what our discourse is.....
This is crypto fascism of the post modern kind. This is the reality of Johnsonia it promotes social conservatism and Trumpian economics . The direction is clear and the route is ever more known. As the Fib Dems absorb more "moderate" conservatives and move to the right we see the formation of the new Whigs . As Corbyn and Labour virtually stand alone against them perhaps supported to some extent by a few exceptions, a prorogued Parliament spills out into the campaign lands of a phoney election rapidly changing into a real one.

Two cultural outlooks battle it out through a Hegelian dialectic or a Kuhnian paradigm. The ghost of Gramsci looks on as we struggle to decide which paradigm will dissolve into air.
I am ashamed of how we are now seen in Europe and I love our literature and our music. Yet I am deeply ashamed of those trumpeting a myth of the huge pink maps, and of a form of history taken from boys comics. I love Blake, Shelley and the rebels that have given so much. From the Diggers and the Levellets to the Chartists and the Bryant and May match girls to the Suffrsgettes I celebrate and have pride in their deeds and actions. But I feel the deep shame that is Farage, Johnson and Mark Francois. I feel the shame deeply and profoundly that makes parody of us all. I am so sorry my European friends. I love the smell of the Cistine Chapel and how the sun shines on the marble of Venice. I loath the smell of the stench of Weimar coming from the Brexit Party and of the glass of Kristallnacht reflected in the eyes of the EDL and the rest of the far right. I am so sorry for the way we are marching.. Dante Alleghieri"s special place in Hell or perhaps Kafka's or Brecht's?

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