Monday, 6 March 2017

Of Twatriots and the End of the UK

As we we look around Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England we see an almost exclusively English discourse promoted in the media Yet in Scotland we have an entirely different political culture with differentiates in ascendency. There is one Labour MP, one Liberal Democrat and one Conservative. In the Scottish Parliament we see the strange death of Labour Scotland, a SNP government with the Scottish Green Party holding the balance of power. It bares no resemblance to the English political culture and milleau.

In Northern Ireland we see from last weeks election we see SF within 0.2% of being the largest party and we see smaller parties like the Greens and other left wing parties holding their own despite the reduction of the number of seas from 108 to 90. Once more we see a political culture entirely different from that of England. There is a shocking ignorance in the rest of the UK on the origins of the political parties in Ulster. Very few know of the Protestant ascendency that stretches back over 400 years. The new leader of SF is female became politically active after the Good Friday accord . We are gradually moving to a non sectarian more left wing approach to politics. Yet the more I look at5 the DUP the more I see a Wittgenstein family resemblance to UKIP. They are anti gay marriage, fundamentally sexist, authoritarian and have the same heavy glasses and clothes style , the same anti European ethos and the same white male approach and Philosophy. Here the political issue of a United Ireland has not gone away and it is only a matter of time till SF will be the largest party in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland voted to remain as did Scotland. As the Brexit vote imperils the peace process and the only open border between the EU and the UK..we smell the rot and the dampness causing decay and decomposition of the English monolithic state The UK is coming apart at the seams. In Scotland latest polls put independence only 2 percentage points behind in the polls.

A united Ireland is just around the corner and the process that started with the Normans State conquest of Wales and Ireland is ending after nearly one thousand years

In Wales we have a strange hybrid situation. We have Plaid in the Assembly, we also have UKIP and we have smaller parties like the Greens discussing and moving towards an independent model like the Scottish Green party. Last week I asked the question was March 1 St David's day or Ash Wednesday? Wales still has to decide and yet Wales has an Assembly growing in power and maturity. It still has something like a national Health service still relatively free from the market structures of the English NHS. The curiously hybrid form of Plaid indeterminately split between the Ecosocialists and the older style supporters of Nationalism. Plaids Schizoid relationship between Nuclear Power and renewable, ecological concerns and the concerns of the Welsh Farmer's union and its attitude to the market mechanism must be resolved if Wales is to be anything more than the last English colony. The Kippers show signs of finding a new existential meaning in being anti Welsh language and culture. Links have also been found between certain Welsh Labour activists and UKIP Stauffer from Neath. A Labour activist had been tweeting the propaganda of the English Defence Leave and throughout Wales we have seen the rise of small but well organised devotees of the Alt Right and the neo Fascists

Welsh Labour has not undergone a Cobynista style renewal. Its gone very quiet on the democratisation and the one member one vote approach that has arisen in English Labour. We are seeing the strange death of the United Kingdom. Far from getting their country back we are seeing the long process of the English state breaking up. Perhaps we are getting our countries back with all their variety of cultures, languages and distinctive ethnicities and approach.

A friend of mine on Facebook coined the word last week the word “Twatriot” I love the word and I long for the dissolution of the Union Jack and the emergence of component countries and areas that are truly both part of Europe and their respective ethnicities and cultures.. Counties that truly rule themselves, that are international and where power is determined at the lowest possible levels. Let us see if Theresa May will be the last Prime minister of the UK?

Before I finish I give you John Dudley`s thoughts on the “Twatriots”

A heartfelt message to all you mainly English, nationalist, voices-of-the-past, British Empire, flag-waving, Brexit, twatriots:
First, YOUR predecessors "lost" the British Empire. ("Get over it", eh? 😉 ) A British construct based on exploitation, armed force, subjugation, slavery, protectionism, and wilful murder by violence, torture, starvation, famine and neglect of hundreds of millions. A construct that funded Britain's industrial revolution, financed further wars and lined the pockets of our aristocracy.
Second, you’ve effectively lost that Empire’s successor, the Commonwealth, which you mistakenly think is a trade opportunity and not the monarchy-based ex-Empire social club that it really is. The reality is that memories of past Empire injustices and occupations are long amongst their current populations and leaderships, particularly in countries like India and Sri Lanka. Before British military occupation, India as a country and continent was one of the richest and most prosperous in the world. Two hundred years of plunder and deaths, to finance Britain’s industrial revolution, monarchy and aristocracy destroyed that. As an aside, relations with Sri Lanka were effectively destroyed by Cameron during his visit several years ago, despite his subsequent “dressing down” by the Queen. Furthermore, Commonwealth countries already have perfectly satisfactory, good, cheaper and quicker, trading arrangements with countries far closer than Britain. Additionally, and ironically for you, the only way to ensure even passable trade deals would be to accept higher immigration from them, as demonstrated with India, for example.
Thirdly, you’ve damaged our future trade and other relationships with the world’s biggest trading bloc. Goodness only knows how that’s going to pan out – most probably, on present showing, as a complete disaster, economically, socially and for domestic and international politics.

Fourthly, with Scotland and Northern Ireland showing huge majorities for Remain, you’ve risked the future of our own United Kingdom. Incidentally, it seems to have escaped your notice that it is, in fact, a British version of that very, non-existent for now, voluntary, one currency, EU federation, that you so vehemently oppose! The effects are clear, yesterday in Northern Ireland, with the likely return of direct rule, another version of the troubles, perhaps bringing back Irish terrorism to towns and cities across Britain. The vexing EU border problem between the two Irelands can only add fuel to that situation, perhaps insoluble without a one Irish state solution?
With all the above, do you REALLY think that British politicians and businessmen will receive greater bargaining power and profit from a global trading and international relations future outside the EU?
What a complete and utter mess you've gotten us into!
So much for all your “regaining control”, nationalism and twatriotism, eh? :’(

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