Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Diplomats and Diplomacy in the USA..what is that the Brexit party does not understand?

What is it that they don't get about diplomacy? The object of a diplomat is to observe, discuss and report back about other countries and regimes. The morons of the Brexit Party just do not get reality. We all know that in observation and in reporting back of the nature of the American President and his administration is part of everyday life. The Brexit Party agenda is essential one of an uncritical and sycophantic support for the thin skinned and the large ego of Donald Trump. In their fantasy they want Nigel Farage and people like him to be the representatives and present his narrow, bigoted and xenophobic outlook. There is no room in their fantasy of stating the true nature of Trump and his administration, his psyche out look and ignorance. The reason is simple when they look in the mirror they see themselves looking back....

I study and understand my political OPPO ends and my friends and allies. It's about knowing someone, how you communicate with them and understand their strength, abilities, skills and weaknesses. It's not about disloyalty it's about understanding. Others will do the same to me. It's about life and it shows how out of touch, immature and childlike is Trump and the Brexit Party...
Do you really in all your stupidity think that the Americans have not already sent details and observations about Johnson and Hunt and of the nature of the Conserivative government.....when you Brexiteers rave about sovereignty and getting your country back don't you get that allowing another country to determine your ambassador is about that? Stupid is as stupid does...this is Trump roughing up the British government to get a trade deal you ignorant , naive Brexiteers.. get it?

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