Tuesday, 30 July 2019

The Welsh Lamb industry will die as a result of a No Deal Brexit.....

I listen to the President of the Welsh NFU  saying that a No Deal Brexit will destroy the Welsh Lamb industry. 97% of all welsh lamb goes to the EU. World Trade Organization tariffs will add 40% to the cost and therefore destroy the industry. She threatens civil unrest and I reflect on the fact perhaps we are nearing a major crisis. L listen to the loathsome Alun Cairns squirm as he desperately avoids saying that this was what people voted for but implies it clearly. There will be a mass slaughter of welsh sheep and I just wonder how many sheep farmers voted to leave….

I read on a Brecon site of a Tory laying into Jane Dodds for being a vegetarian. That the one thing I suppose gives me some hope and cheer that if she wins on Thursday brecon will have a vegetarian MP. However, it does occur to me that Chris Davies supported a hard Brexit approach and that now that hard right faction has taken over the Tory party they have nothing to blame but themselves.

The truth is very simply that if we are to stop Climate Change then we must stop eating meat and I don’t think that the Liberal democrats will tell you that…….they allways keep quiet about things that are principled and could lose votes…….

Anyway I don’t think you can say that the Welsh NFU is a front for left wing remainers promoting fake news, though some of you will no doubt..stupid is as stupid does

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