Thursday, 5 December 2019

Bramble and Bracken discuss epistemology, ontology and metaphysics

It was a cold sunny day as Bramble and Bracken played in the garden. Bramble looked through the hedge as Bracken dug up stones and the bulbs that Hayley had planted. Bramble looked kindly at Bracken and asked him the question ..."who are you Bracken?" 'Well' replied Bracken, "I am a dog"
Bramble smiled kindly at him ..' You see Braken you have not noticed that my tail is bushy and has two colours and looks magnificent as I walk. The other thing is that yours is just one colour and yours is just not bushy enough."
Bracken looked hurt and his little eyes looked sad. He said, " That's not nice Bramble you have burt me"
Bramble looked thoughtful and replied, "i am sorry Bracken you see I am sure who I am and l often forget that I am much older than you and more secure. You have what Martyn cal" s Ontological insecurity" Bracken looked back and said to Bramble quickly; " But I am getting bigger than you everyday. I know that"

Bramble replied " That might be the case but of course I am quicker and more ninja like than you.. I mean, Bracken you are clumsy and are always falling off things."
There was an awkward silence as the dogs looked at one another. Bramble continued " Let me explain about what I know. Martyn calls it epistemology. It's all about what I know and I am afraid you don't. I have been to Cornwall twice, the Isle of Wight and Pembtokshirse. I have lived in Penrhos and in Glanrhyd and I was born in Pontyberem. I have travelled thousands of miles in the car. You only have lived in one place and the furthest you have travelled was Port Talbot and then you threw up on Martyn's trousers. I just know more.*

Bracken asked Bramble a question . "Why do dog's smell each other bottoms?" Bracken continued " Baxter the Beagle told me that long ago all the dogs in the world once went to a party. They hung up their bottoms in the hall and suddenly found out that a fire had broken out. They fled grabbing the nearest bottom. Ever since then they have been looking for their correct bottom"
Bramble laughed " "Baxter was telling you a myth. It an attempt to explain why things are as they are. It's called metaphysics. We all create meaning in our own terms. Martyn explained it to me . Dogs are the measure of all things even humans."

Bracken looked worried "But Bramble is there anything that is true?" Bramble smiled kindly and looked at Bracken..." "No Bracken everything is interpretation there is no absolute truth I am reading Nietzche and Heidegger I suggest you start with Plato as a start"

Bracken was so confused and fell asleep He dreamnt that he stole Btamble's favourite toy and felt much better. As he awoke he thought " Perhaps I should read Jung to understand Bramble." He glanced over at Bramble who was fast asleep snorting loudly and on his back. Bracken had a plan....he would ask Tilly who came for therapy with Martyn he would know.. .to be continued..

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