Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Eight days out from December 12th..

Eight days out from December 12th...As Trump is mocked and the election enters the last 8 days. How will Trump respond to the mocking? There are two long days for him to snap .two very long days and as his crassness grows and blooms the days tick down to December 12th The risks grow, the information about long term Tory plans leaks out into the world. What long term deradicalisation programme can be used to rid us of their plans? What actions can be taken to make them aware of the victims of their market ethos? What does it take to make them aware of the humanity and suffering of the 120,000 victims of austerity? 

The deradicalisation programme we need is a Labour government. It's humanity and it's alternative views and policies will give them time to discover the angels of their better nature. It's time to free them from the austere fundamentalist nature of the market and of their belief in the depravity of human nature. It would free them from the narrow vision of the micro economic and provide an alternative perspective from the macro view. As the deradicalisation scheme moves on its time to explain to them the existence of society and of the collective nature and interdependence of us all. Will Raab, Pattel and others cooperate and look 8nto their souls? We know that IDS stands on the edge of defeat We know that the political hegemony is changing and a new age begins. In that age as we stand at the liminal doorway beyond which monsters of the fundamentalist market prowl and growl. The days come down to the election will the monsters be deradicalised? Will they understand their shadow and their id? The only solution is a Socialist Labour government.Trump cannot run from Corbyn forever , the laughter will not stop and the contempt for those who have supported and promoted austerity which is far more deadly and has killed far more than any terrorism...the monsters are circling the NHS...its time for Labour..

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