Thursday, 5 December 2019

Swven days to go.....

One week to go. One week, there is fear and anxiety running through the establishment. You can hear it, you smell it, you taste it, you see it. Deep in my stomach I move from elation to depression. As the moon grows to fullness there is no chance of getting Brexit done and the taps will not flow milk and honey. And yet something feels very different, something odd is about to happen. As Trump flounces home we stand on the edge of the best of times and of the worst of times. It will be decided soon..the only real threat Corbyn is of that to privilege. Wake up and smell the coffee.

 My dire Wolves report to me that an awful lot of people from Labour are looking very happy as the postal votes comes in. Perhaps this explains the nervousness of the Tories..
 You have till 5pm tomorrow to register for a proxy vote This applies if you just can't get there to vote on December 12th. Please follow the lin

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