Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Nine days and a world to win

There are nine long days to Ragnarok as listen to Raab on Radio 4 unclear if Johnson will meet Trump for a bilateral meeting, there will be no joint press conferences or visit to Downing Street ..In a pamphlet Raab calls for privatisation of two thirds of hospitals and the use of private companies in the NHS. The Tories are panicing as their vote appears to have maximised and Trump is here for three long days. Do you really think that he won't tweet a crass comment or that his corporate crocodiles have not read Raab's words. As the slime fused deadly words flow from Raab's maw people awaken from the trance of Brexit as the hard right of the Tory Party risk the loss of Raab and IDS. In areas throughout the country Labour are closing in, as Trumps fingers twitch on the keys of Twitter and crassness is everywhere we enter the last nine days. As the rude beast like Godzilla tramps through the streets of London, Rees-Mogg is hidden out of sight and social media bursts ever more powerfully and dramatically as the vote of the under 34s are galvanised and empowered. As the Lib Dems drift down to 13% and Labour climb to 35% we enter at least a hung parliament. As the DUP prpare for loses. We have nine days to build a reforming government as great as or greater than 1945 As we hear of poverty and of children telling their story of its effects we see the wealth and distance of a cabinet of millionaires eating fine food in grand rooms insulated from pain, exclusion and isolation. We have nine long days of activity on the streets, on the doors and upon social media, in conversations at bus stops, on trains and with everyone we meet. Nine days to expose the Tories, to awaken, explain and discover concerns and fears, to peer through the miasma and veil of the illusion of a false Brexit. It's time to do everything you can nine days for a world to win.....

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