Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Bombs, ,Yemen and thinking critically....

Bombs, ,Yemen and thinking critically....
I listen on Radio 4 to the frantic calls of a man in Yemen searching through the ruins of his home for his children and wife. The bombs raining down come from the Saudi led coalition to which we contribute and support . We are guilty because we allow the arms trade to flourish...we are guilty because we put jobs before lives.. is it no wonder that some turn to terrorism,, it no wonder that views of the west are so bad , and that western countries are so loathed?

When the idiots of the right moan about the migrant and call for strong borders...I wonder what they would do, think and feel if the bombs from Saudi, Syria and the USA reigned down on Taibach, Trebanos and Townhill.. there have been 5000 civilian deaths in Yemen alone from coalition bombs, Theresa May took arms dealers with her on her visit to Saudi, as did Cameron and Blair. Do you fools who call for rigid control of civil liberties even know where Yemen is?, Do you know where the bombs come from? Do you know about the war? Are you interested to know and if you are you owe it to yourselves and the people of the Yemen to stop the arms trade. You will eliminate the cause of much of the terrorism we experience. By stopping the arms trade you will help build stable communities, and we will all be safer. You will get your country and your safety back from fear and terror. Yet in the process you will upset the Daily Mail, the Kippers, the EDL and the far right. The choice is yours and I wonder which side you will choose?

It's difficult to stand back, it's harder to own up to our own prejudices and take a more complex position. It challenges us all to learn, to discover and research the truth. Their are so many who don't want you to learn and discover the truth. The education system is set up to create a workforce that is docile. It's not about thinking it out for yourself..they don't want an educated, critical would be their worst nightmare. And yet it is the only way we will ever discover our common humanity and reinvigorate our souls. Trump, Farage,Johnson do not want you to think for yourselves.

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