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This is the Wales the Jac`s and the Neil`s want…and trouble in Plaid

Dice are rolling, the knives are out
Would-be presidents are all around
I don't say they mean harm
But they'd each give an arm
To see us six feet underground
It doesn't matter what those morons say
Our nation's leaders are a feeble crew
There's only twenty of them anyway
What is twenty next to millions who
Are looking to you?
All you have to do is sit and wait
Keeping out of everybody's way
We''ll be handed power on a plate
When the ones who matter have their say
And with chaos installed

It has been said that the only truly guide to ourselves is the aura and tinge we leave behind us as we travel through existence. Jung talked of the shadow and Freud of the Id. Perhaps Politicians should consider theirs as they carve out their career.

For Prince Neil over the water some links going back over nearly a decade may possibly give a real insight into his alleged character, his supposed and his alleged misogyny, there are those who suggest that he his bullying nature and describe it as narcissism.  Now it seems he is transforming into an alt right populist using the assumptions of Farage and uses the language often used by the Alt Right

The following link reveals him being escorted out of a Cardiff Pub for abusively attacking members of the Wales Occupy movement in 2011.  I am told but am not sure if its picked up on the video he reportedly called Occupy supporters 'Scum' 

The next is from a few years back when he launched an ignorant and vicious attack on some charities supporting the victims of domestic abuse.

 Even, more questions are raised by aggressive campaign against organizations protecting the victims of domestic violence.

At the beginning of the year he sponsored the showing of a film at the Senedd which appeared to blame women themselves for being the victims of domestic violence. Both this and the events described above would suggest a great deal of repressed aggression that would give many a cause to feel concerned

 And then rom a couple of weeks ago we find him almost parroting the discourse and vocabulary of Farage with his references to alleged 'elites' in Wales. He also refers to 'virtue signalers’ indeed and he now regularly mixes and blends his language with the discourse of the Alt Right with its vile references and tropes.

Unsurprisingly he has much in common with the fragrant and subtle Jac of the North who rants about 'wimmin` loather, and was in regular touch with him during preparations to create Ein Gwlad. It is significant that Ein Gwlad supporters and members are amongst Prince Niels most vociferous supporters on social media. Obviously if Leanne Wood wins the Plaid leadership election there will be no way back for him into Plaid and he and his 'organisation' Propel will likely merge with Ein Gwlad. But a win for Adam Price is expected to open the door to his return. This is largely because what unites Adam Prices 'supporters and his supporters is a visceral hatred of Leanne and what she represents. She is a strong feminist and socialist -  and a Welsh learner as opposed to being a first generation Welsh speaker.

So the likes of Anne Greagsby, Sean Rees in Llanelli and the ersatz Alt Right faction in Yes Cymru are doing all they can to undermine Leanne Wood on social media   one might nearly allege egged on behind the scenes by an unholy alliance of Niels gang and Adam Prices campaign. They both stand to benefit – if Adam wins the leadership and Neil gets back in Plaid he will return as an Assembly member with all the benefits belonging to a political grouping brings. Interestingly he reneged on a promise to stand down as a Councillor when he became a AM somewhat oddly. He often accuses others of having their snout in the trough while using a Trump like approach and metaphors of the swamp. 

There is a fascinating “Prince Neil “faction within Llanelli that is based around the former Plaid Councillor Sean Rees. Rees took great umbrage when the Plaid Executive found he was ineligible to be a general election candidate and selected Mari Arthur instead.  This led somewhat unsurprisingly to cries of 'wimmin's conspiracy' by Neil and old Jac and of course allegations against Leanne and people like her . The disgruntled Rees and his local cronies waltzed out of Plaid and immediately linked up with Neil McEvoy and Jac’s proto party Ein Gwlad .   Sean Rees and his friends have attended the launch of McEvoy's “Propel” and Sean Rees has posted notices about Ein Gwlad via his social media. Needless to say Rees and his grouping (which includes Anne Greagsby) have been relentless in their attempts to smear Leanne Wood, Mari Arthur and Llinos Price as feminist conspirators in Plaid.  Interestingly Anne Greagsby herself now faces disciplinary from Plaid o because of her ignorant and prejudicial abuse of trans women activists.

The following link gives much detail on the formation and activity of this group…

further information can be found here too….

Of course like Neil Sean Rees and his faction within Llanelli and Carmarthen would prefer to return to the Plaid fold than throw their lot in with the untested and politically naive Ein Gwlad, interestingly enough behind the scenes their return is being prepared by certain supporters of Adam Price. And so right on cue prominent Adam Price that have been popping up on social media openly talking of welcoming the Sean Rees and Neil back in to the fold once the 'problem' as they see it Leanne Wood is solved

 The deal appears apparently and allegedly is that Neil, Sean Rees et al do the dirty work for Adam's campaign by relentlessly smearing and denigrating Leanne Wood online and that their past sins will be forgotten if Adam ousts her in the leadership contest.

Finally, one of these prominent Adam Price supporters is a certain Plaid councillor for a ward in Carmarthenshire. She is also an enthusiastic Welsh Baptist and organist. And when not playing the keys at her local Capel to the mournful strains of 'O,Iesu Mawr' she has been heard vowing to purge plaid of its working class non welsh speaking members.  I wonder what does Adam Price think of such views among his most vocal supporters ? And what does he think of Plaid councillors in West Wales reportedly being bullied and threatened with deselection unless they declare their support for his leadership campaign?

It's extremely disturbing to hear that there are serving Plaid Councillors who are enthusiastic about social cleansers and are intent upon purging Plaid of its proletarian membership but perhaps her stance shows something else. Namely does the concerted and coordinated campaign to undermine and unseat Leanne Wood represent the w traditional Welsh petit bourgeoisie reasserting its lost dominance and control of Plaid?

Until Leanne Wood's surprise victory in 2012 Plaid leaders had been exclusively drawn from its traditional middle class professional welsh speaking quarters, with an ideology closer to liberalism than that of Socialism. And certainly that was the social strata her predecessors Wigley and Wynne Jones came from.

 Leanne's election as Plaid Leader changed all that. It meant Plaid Cymru was now led by a working class non welsh speaking feminist and unapologetic socialist from the Rhondda. Perhaps this is what lays behind the assassins creed released last night by the great and the good.

“Joint Statement by Dafydd Wigley, Ieuan Wyn Jones, Elfyn Llwyd, Elin Jones and Jocelyn Davies
#PlaidCymruLeadership election
This is a vitally important leadership election for Plaid Cymru. We are not only electing a party leader but someone who stands the best chance of becoming First Minister in a Plaid Cymru government.
Whilst all three candidates have great qualities, we believe that Rhun ap Iorwerth has that ability to appeal beyond traditional party allegiances and engender trust which would be crucial in securing broad support to bring Plaid Cymru to government. Rhun has already shown his ability to appeal beyond party lines in his Assembly elections in Anglesey. He has the largest majority of any Assembly Member.

As three former party and parliamentary leaders and three ministers in the One Wales Government, we believe that Plaid Cymru must aim to become the next government of Wales. It is only through being in government that we can implement policies on the economy, health, education and the environment that are needed to transform the lives of the people of Wales.
By being in government, and earning the trust of the people to govern, we can substantially increase the support for independence. Being ambitious and delivering in government is the best way to bring people with us on that journey. We ask party members to consider these arguments carefully as they prepare to vote in this leadership election.”

The establishment of the Irish Republic in the 1920s led to the creation of a socially conservative and narrow Irish Republic I am afraid that the ghosts of DeValera and not Collins are haunting the Plaid Civil War and of the Wales that some dream of.


Monday Morsels

It now turns out there's another Chapel going p {aid Councillor in Carmarthenshire who is also a 'bit of a dinosaur’ and who is also an enthusiastic Adam Price supporter. His name is Alun Lemmy and he is a lay preacher and he's been taking serious anger and mayhem on social media with what he calls 'Leanne's obsession with niche issues'. Mow who do we know goes on bout niche issues? ...Neil and his ally Jac o the north once more. And as it happens Lemmy cannot wait to get shot of Leanne and restore Neil, Sean Rees et al to Plaid.......

And  just when Neil “propels” up again  I discover he's been invited to launch the previously moribund Yes Cymru branch in Aberdare this month, which may be  further evidence if any was needed that  parts of Yes Cymru is sadly evolving  from a genuine all-encompassing national movement into a front for alt right populists like Neil and of parts of  Ein Gwlad.....whilst  another worrying development is that some Yes Cymru organisers  are showing their support for the Latvian and Estonian nationalist movements of the 1930s and 1940s on twitter – perhaps they do not  that these movements worked with the Nazis to exterminate  both Jews and execute Russian prisoners….

A key Yes Cymru organiser - Lee Felton - is also an active member of Ein Qwlad. Strangely enough he's also an enthusiastic supporter of Adam Price's bid for the Plaid leadership. In fact, it’s very likely - not to say worrying - that Felton is actually a member of both Plaid and of Ein Gwlad. It was Felton who was one of the key individuals in Yes Cymru who decided that Yes Cymru would issue a public statement criticizing Leanne Wood for mentioning Yes Cymru at a husting. Oddly  they completely ignored the fact Adam Price has spoken of Yes Cymru on many occasions....and as his Facebook page shows Felton is one of the key links between Ein Qwlad, Yes Cymru and  of Neil McEvoy and his  boys…

Ein Gwlad has now gone all hi tech and has its own Youtube will be  perhaps “them podcast thingys next”

Here Ein Gwlad explains its support for syncretism or (should that be sin-cretinsm I wonder/ )  simply put  it means mixing up the politics of the left and right. So while it might support a citizens income it’s also is in favour of abolishing income tax (hey isn’t that an Adam Price policy too?) And its likely that like other right wing parties in Europe Ein Gwlad is in favour of capital punishment perhaps? would banning strikes in the public sector come next? and perhaps wants to defend 'western Christian civilization'.?

And in this video it speaks glowingly of 'populist parties in Europe' -  simple code for Orban's right wing authoritarian government in Hungary and Salvini's neo fascist sympathizing government in Italy

They also share a visceral  dislike and loathing of  of the Welsh Labour Party. Indeed according to  Jac,  Prince Neil , Ein Gwlad, Adam Price's  supporters and  some  of Yes Cymru the Welsh Labour Party is the root of all Wales' troubles. Which is odd really when you consider Labour introduced devolution into wales - 1979 and then 1997. And it was the Labour - Plaid governmentt of 2007 to  2011 that gave us the referendum on full law making powers for the welsh assembly.

But it's  all because of their all consuming hatred of welsh labour all of the aforementioned - jac, mcevoy, ein gwlad and yes cymru - are backing Adam Price and working to undermine Leanne Wood. This is because they know Adam Price would join forces with the tories in Wales to try and defeat labour in 2021 and form a Plaid Tory coalition government in the welsh assembly. Adam has even welcomed Gareth Jones into his leadership campaign, Jones was the plaid councillor who became an independent in 2017 when the party executive refused to sanction him joining a coalition with the tories on conwy council. And Adam 's proposal to slash income tax rates in Wales by a massive 9p is part of his preparing the way for a Plaid - Tory alliance under his leadership. The Tories as we know literally salivate at the  prospect of big itax cuts and Adam's proposals are music to their ears .

You might think that but I could not possibly comment. Once more I thank my little birds and dire Wolves who have been so busy over the last few days. Let the drama deepen and let all the poisons that are in the mud come to the surface….you might even want to refer back to my blog piece on Thermidor in Yes Ctmru and Plaid.

 My contacts in plaid circles have told you there'll be a flood of resignations from the party by those on the left who would find it impossible to countenance forming a Welsh government with the help of the Tories. Plaid would be literally split in two. As one of them commented on Facebook ` If Dafydd Wigley, Ieuan Wyn Jones, Elfyn Llwyd, Elin Jones and Jocelyn Davies have their way and Rhun Iorwerth is elected, I will by no means be the only Plaid Cymru member to cut their membership card in two and return it to head office.`. 

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