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Ian Bone and Class War ...some deeper and reflective thoughts we should consider....the Mogg trap

 Before anybody makes too sweeping a judgement on Ian Bone and the actions of  Class War i suggest you read the following.

This comment comes from Class War and should be thought through  " Right you lot out there who are all getting yer knickers in a twist over the Rees Mogg visit: He wheeled his children, Stepford Wife and Nanny out AFTER we arrived. He was the one who brought them all out. Desperate attempt by him to use his kids in a fairly sick way. Tell us who's the bully there then.."

I comment no more

I was very interested to see that  last year  Swansea Museum  featured the art work associated with Ian Bone and the anarcho political movement that originated in Swansea as Alarm and went onto to form the organisation Class war. Class war managed to get Ian Bone the title the most dangerous man in Britain title from the right wing press. Ian and Alarm paper was widely sold in Swansea during the late 70s and I regularly remember going round to Ian's flat to pick up copies that I sold yo people at both school and later at Swansea University.

Ian and Alarm successfully exposed corruption both in the labour Administration of the 70s in Swansea City Council and the corruption in the Ratepayer administration that followed it. He exposed links between prominent councillors and a group of businessmen that became known as the Swansea Mafia. This was the time of punk music and the Alarm Collective had links with both the music and the anarchist politics that early punk promoted.

I remember the band Ian was in . It was called “What to wear”. I still think of the gig at Swansea University where a near riot and moral panic broke out of the use of a jelly baby during the gig. I often ran into Ian at Pandora's at this time . The club is now part of Morgan's Hotel down near the old Evening Post building and was known at the time as Dirty Dora's. In fact it was the same period that the Sex Pistols prier to their fame played in Swansea. 

In the late 70s I was given a copy of the Olchfa school rule book by a friend who was in the Sixth Form there. I took a copy around to Ian's flat in Windsor street in the Uplands and Ian produced a special Alarm edition using a theme of the Nazi party to describe the administration of the school. In those days the headmaster was a cer6tain Curtis Grove who many said bore a distinct resemblance to Ian Smith the Prime Minister of the racist regime in Rhodesia. Many joked that under his office he had a trap door that led to a tunnel that in turn led to Rhodesia. 

When Ian and the Alarm team arrived at Olchfa school and began selling the paper hundreds of copies were sold to both school students and others and soon the police were called to 2Calm the situation. One particular burly sports teacher took a swing at Ian and was restrained. The Olchfa school rule book was an event I remember so well. And it is good that after 40 years a radical group like Alarm is marked historically and remembered.

In 1979 Alarm candidates contested the Council elections of that years and Ian stood in the castle ward of Swansea city council . He polled over 300 votes and Alarm candidates throughout Swansea gained a significant support. In the old Victoria ward that we know today as the Sandfields the Jenkins family that led the led the ratepayer Council administration of 1976 to 1979 were defeated and both the corruption that had dominated Swansea both under labour and rate payers were brought down. Ian Bone was the lynchpin and revolutionary that made this possible.

It  was fitting that Swansea Museum  in 2017 should mark his contributions. I suspect Ian is far more modest than that and would claim nothing. But I remember you Ian and thank you for what you did and went to do campaigning against the poll tax and laying the foundations for resistance and much  the economy totters, as industrial discontent ripples through the public services,...

As some of us age we become old fools and hypocrites. I do not agree with the shouting at children however obnoxious their father. but what irritates be more  is the old farts  who cling on to the hypocrisy like Peter Black in his blog . 

Peter`s conversation to ne the following day after the Page Four gig was more about the dancer  with the band . But I will draw a veil over his observations. He was just an innocent Catholic boy in those days......

Ian and Class War were drawn into a trap by a crafty amd manipulative Jacob rees Mogg we do not need Peter Black CBE and his Gong  jumping into  the event to promote his respectability......

 The following book describes the role of the organisation. I neither condemn or precribe. I like Neitzche  just describe its origins and role.....

 For ten years, Tory Britain has burned. From Brixton '81 to Oxford, Cardiff, and Tyneside '91 the unforgivable have risen and seized back their streets. With a petrol bomb in one hand a biro in the other, Class War was there. And Class War is here - fearless, hilarious and, for the rich and powerful of this benighted isle, absolutely terrifying. In these explosive pages you can find out how to tell if your neighbours are yuppies (and how to make their cars contribute to global warming if they are), how to make a splash at the Henley regatta, and how to go on a shopping spree without any money. Here you will discover why Joe Strummer rocks against the rich, the astonishing blood ties between Her Majesty the Queen and Adolf Hitler and, in a few words, the difference between Neil Kinnock and a slime monster. Publishers' Warning! This book contains explicit language and illustration which may offend yuppies, police officers, members of the royal family and people who think the world can be changed by holding hands and singing 'We shall overcome'.

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  1. Having watched the video clip again, and read through the 'Deeper' and 'More Reflective' Thoughts documented above it brings home that Ian Bone is a man with very strong opinions (and concerns) about how our country is being run and rightly so. I suppose also he should be admired also for being prepared to get up and express those opinions publicly.
    That said, I think you are (conveniently) missing the point here in a couple of areas:
    1. Mr.Bone is only the same as the rest of us in terms of having views on the inadequacies of politicians and having a desire to see something positive happen in our country. What separates us is that the vast majority of the level headed public will not trespass into the personal space/lives of the politicians to relay our frustrations.
    2. Despite the timing of their appearance at the scene it is still a very 'cheap shot' for Mr.Bone to use the children as a target for his words. They are 100% not involved in any of the issues Mr.Bone has and he was WRONG to use them. If he wants to campaign in this way, at least try and get a meaningful message across; using children has not progressed his (your) cause and in fact has weakened his reputation and chances of being taken seriously in the future.
    3. Mr.Bone can be clearly heard shouting to the children words implying that their daddy is 'A bad man', 'very much disliked' and a 'bad father' because he employs a Nanny. Is that in any way the issue that Mr.Bone is trying to draw attention to or does he actually have a political viewpoint? Additionally I would argue that the children were not his intended target group when he traveled all that way to make his point; so has he achieved what he wanted or has he simply attracted negative attention?

    Mr.Bone clearly has a long history of campaigning against the state and has generated a following who share his social and economic standpoints. Campaigning and canvassing to put across a message is important and is a right for all. It is surely important though to present our views in the correct manner, in the correct forums and with the respect we would want to be shown. Jacob Rees-Mogg is only the same as the rest of us irrespective of his politics, personal circumstances or beliefs and as such does not deserve the likes of Mr.Bone turning up on his doorstep as he did.
    For the record I am not a Conservative and in fact I have concerns about the competency of any of our politicians in the UK if tasked to run our country. I have however watched a lot of Mr.Rees-Mogg's recent interviews and have to say he is a very intelligent man who presents himself in a professional manner. For me, Mr.Bone would be better seeking opportunity to talk with him; whether at a public event or through dialling in to his frequent appearances on 'LBC Radio' or 'Radio 5 Live' in order to challenge him. The issue here I fear is that this moves Mr.Bone out of his comfort zone and into an arena whereby he would need to conduct himself in a rationale and respectful manner.
    Not a fan!