Monday, 17 September 2018

OMOV wins in Welsh Labour

The campaign for OMOV long desired is won. It's a simple matter of democracy Every few years the electorate vote for their Member of Parluament. Why should it not be the case that those who walk the streets, push leaflets through the doors and given the same right.
In Wales now One Member One Vote means that even if you are of the Kinnock dynasty who is an MP and has big Daddy behind you and are married to the former Prime Minister of Denmark then your vote within the Welsh Labour Party is equal to the newest member of that party.
Why should you be given a job for life? The reforms suggested means that if you are a sitting MP or Councillor that the members of your party choose between you and the others who wish to challenge you. No sitting MP will be prevented standing in the seat they won last time. The Labour Party has changed and will continue changing. It must reflect it's membership and once an election arises the electorate chooses who wins.... A Social Democrat tradition is perfectly honourable but those who stay within Labour must realise that the party has changed. This is a Socialist Party established over 100 years ago for that purpose to promote socialism. There are those naive people who talk of moderates being driven out and purged...but I ask you to imagine the analogy of Buddhists or Pagans seeking to remain In the Christian Church when they are not Christians. Welsh Labour has caught up with all the other Welsh political parties...

In Wales OMOV means the exorcism of the ghost or revenant of George Thomas, the right wing union block votes and centralised conservative Welsh Labour so beloved of the last sixty years..
One more drama remains and that is the drama of the Plaid leadership election. The drama will unfold over the next two weeks...Will Plaid drift to the centre? Or become a second party of the left in Wales. My little birds and dire wolves are everywhere informing of cells within cells, groups within groups.. as Jac of the Alt Right is banished from the steering committee of Ein Gwlad he reveals more of his inanity and inability to face up to the type of criticism he gives to so many My observers penetrate the defences of the Praetorian guard around Prince Neale McEvoy...and fascinating alliances are revealed. I hear of a supporter of the other claimant Prince Adam who feels that non Welsh speaking working class members of Plaid should be ' encouraged to leave..
It's going to be a fascinating Autumn and as Brexit nears the drama deepens...but you are all going to have to wait for the news my outriders have brought to me...well until next week...

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