Thursday, 2 May 2019

The Brecon and Radnor by election of August 1 2019

The successful recall petition for Peterborough suggests that the Brecon and Radnor recall petition will easily reach the the 10% target. This means that as little as 5303 electors is necessary. As the petition begins next Thursday May 9th and finishes on June 20th it suggests that the Brecon and Radnor by election will occur probably on the first day of August  I would like to remind you that the last by election in Brecon and Radnor in 1987 was a two horse race between the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party. 

Our local Labour candidate Tomos Daviesis is a Brecon Councillor, local and a Welsh speaker. Labour controls Brecon Town Council and has six vibrant and growing local branches. It stretches from the Socialist republic of Ystradgynlais northwards to Brecon and beyond to Montgomeryshire. Westwards to the boundaries of Ceredigion and Eastwards to the English border. It is the largest constituency in England and Wales and covers about 30% of the area of Wales . It's a beautiful area. The Liberal Democrat candidates is an outsider and they are desperate to elect her. Just remember what happened in 2010 when Brecon and Radnor elected a Liberal Democrat..they put in power a Tory government that created austerity, cut benefits and supported privatisation. Dont be fooled again...

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