Monday, 19 December 2016

Its been 1914 and yet..........

Its 1914 again and yet it is not. Europe is riven by nationalism, simplistic answers sweep over the continent. People are abused for being unpatriotic , a simplistic idea of loving ones country and hating others is being used. Fears of terrorists are everywhere and yet we have never been less likely to be blown up. In America Trump fills the swamp with man eating plutocrats, he rewards his followers in the rust belt by Exon Mobile executives, Gordon Geko types who will depress their wages further and de-skill them even more. The baying of Tory MPs use UKIP lite sounds and Labour MPs dream of the warmonger Tony Blair. It is revealed that UK made cluster bombs are being used by the Theocratic state Saudi Arabia (our allies that have cut of ten times as many heads as Isis} are being used in the Yemen. In the UK a new bitterness sweeps across the land, the leavers having won the referendum turn their attention to the unemployed, the sick, the vulnerable, a BBC researcher recruits audience members for Question Time from Britain First social media groups...yes its 1914 and yet.......

We have a multi party democracy, there are clear differences between the parties once more, there is a clear political choice. The labour Party is based at about 25 to 27% of the electorate and although the Tories stand at 40%. and although UKIP remains at 11 to 13 % the reviving Liberal Democrats probably have the chance to seize about one quarter of the Tory Vote. I dont trust the Liberal Democrats, they are quite capable of once more forming a coalition with the Tories but even they with their insipid leader must see that with the Greens, Labour and themselves supported by the SNP and Plaid are the route to a proportional representation and a progressive future.

The UK itself is under strain, Scotland is going one way, and the South East seems like another country. I am fed up with the bleating of patriotic kippers and the far right. They seem incapable of realising that to be proud of something then something has to be done, achieved, celebrated. Sure that can be Shakespeare, Milton, Bertrand Russel and not the simplistic acts of Eddie Hitler lookalike Paul Nuttal. What is this patriotic white working class he dreams of as he leads it to a privatised health service and lower wages? The education system is failing because we are seeking to created docile workers, unable to challenge the big lies put about by a right wing wing press. Its getting harder for white working class males to go to university because the education system is not designed to help create joined up thinking or how to think critically.

And yet it is not 1914 there are many possibilities, more are rebellung than ever, social media offers both a blessing and a curse. The left is about to be reborn and the scales will fall off the eyes of the rust belt voters, and tthose hypnotised hypnotised by the kippers. “2017 offers us a great deal if we would remember the old suffragette cry “ I would rather be a rebel than a slave" or Rosa Luxembourg`s comment "That those who dont move never feel the chains. The blog is taking a break for a few days I am on holiday, There will be one more post before 2017 its the blogs annual this space.

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