Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Be obedient and say nothing. do not rebel .. I was only doing my job..I am not political

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Do not rebel, obey your orders, follow the leader, respect the institutions. In the 20 th century 40,000,000 died through war and civil war...160,000, 000 died because of the orders given by governments for massacres, genocide, ethnic cleansing and the idiots obeyed the orders...right wing rubbish shown for what it is...amother brick in the wall

Lets imagine that the Germans had invaded in 1940.How many of the aristocracy and upper classes would have supported a fascist government in this country. There is an interesting book by C J Samson called Dominion its an alternative history and has a pseudo fascist government ruling the UK in 1952, it has Lord Halifax, Enoch Powell and Oswald Mosley as part of this asks interesting questions.... . We have to face up to what a government led by Halifax would have Vichy like the ruling class would have Nazi methods and approaches would have been used to control the eorking classes, stop demands for trade union power and to control the "communists"...just as the industrialists and upper classes did when they supported Hiteler...the question must be asked......
It is no surprise that the royal archive is closed to historians: a wealth of embarrassment lies within

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