Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Just imagine..........being a refugee

magine for just a few minutes that you and you're wife / partner toiled and struggled with the decision to uproot your entire life and leave the country of you're birth, the place where you're parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, and friends all still live. You travel to a country, town, or city, where you know no one, it takes time and effort for you to find a house, a job, new friends, etc, etc. In time you settle down, you eventually feel secure enough to make the biggest decision of your life (far bigger than changing country) you decide to start a family, more time goes by, now you have two or three young kids to look after, life is good. Then, some men and women wearing suits convince enough people that leaving the big club that allowed you the opportunity to move in the first place would be a good idea, how secure, welcome, and comfortable do you and you're family now feel in this you're new country of choice

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