Friday, 28 July 2017

What di you do with a boy called Stephen Kinnock? Just deselect him Port Talbot Labour Party.......

I have just been reading about Stephen Kinnock's decision to privately educate his daughter at Atlantic College. The fees according to the blogger Jac “o “the North are close on £30,00 per year. My first thought was about what that sort of money could do if that same amount was spent on each school child per year throughout Neath and Port Talbot. eh Steven? Kinnock represents a constituency massively in need of money being spent on building first class education. I remember watching a hustings at the Aberafon Beach Hotel during the general election as Mr Kinnock defended Trident and claimed that he had the links for the large international companies that would come and create wok in Neath and Port Talbot. The cost of Trident would enable all of the school students in the area to have an education that would be provided to the standards of Atlantic College. I believe that all students should have the best possible education and that it should not be restricted to the children of the ministerial and the officials of international business class .

In 1940 George Orwell argued “that there are certain immediate steps that we could take towards a democratic educational system. We could start by abolishing the autonomy of the public schools and the older universities and flooding them with State-aided pupils chosen simply on grounds of ability.
At present, public-school education is partly a training in class prejudice and partly a sort of tax that the middle classes pay to the upper class in return for the right to enter certain professions. It is true that that state of affairs is altering. The middle classes have begun to rebel against the expensiveness of education, and the war will bankrupt the majority of the public schools if it continues for another year or two. The evacuation is also producing certain minor changes. But there is a danger that some of the older schools, which will be able to weather the financial storm longest, will survive in some form or another as festering centres of snobbery. As for the 10,000 ‘private’ schools that England possesses, the vast majority of them deserve nothing except suppression. They are simply commercial undertakings, and in many cases their educational level is actually lower than that of the elementary schools. They merely exist because of a widespread idea that there is something disgraceful in being educated by the public authorities. The State could quell this idea by declaring itself responsible for all education, even if at the start this were no more than a gesture. We need gestures as well as actions. It is all too obvious that our talk of ‘defending democracy’ is nonsense while it is a mere accident of birth that decides whether a gifted child shall or shall not get the education it deserves. For sixty years the Labour Party has turned a blind eye to private education ..but now the chickens are coming home to roost.

Gorge Orwell has been dead sixty years and private education thrives. Those who live in the international world of big business and the rulers of the political economy are replicated, reproduced and sent out with the world view of the Kinniocks and the royal children of the Blairite Cabal . qnd before you accuse me of hypocrisy I was educated at an English prep school its probably stunted me in many ways psychologically and given me strange eccentric habits but its left me with and an abiding dislike of the elite and of English snobbery. My education did not thrive till I went to Dynevor Senior Comprehensive in Swansea and I gew wings, confidence and political understanding. There is reselction coming Steven Kinnock its caused by changes in the Labour party..and yet there are very few Corbynistas in Port Talbot ..lets hope there is a mighty judgement is coming but I might be wrong...........just deselect him Port Talbot labour party.......


  1. £30.00 not so bad hahaha I think you meant £30,000

  2. Orwell was a visionary and I regret that his predictions on the British Education system were ignored. Abolishing public schools would still be a great step forward not least for those small boys whose childhood is/was blighted by the rituals and 'traditions'of the institutions they attended.

  3. I agree with everything you say here, but you're talking about education, it would carry more weight if you got an editor.

  4. The great con trick.....calling private selective fee paying schools.....'Public Schools' if they drew their pupils from the general public...these schools should be re-named Privilege only for the rich and privileged...they perpetuate the class system and the fact that they are tax exempt is yet another slap in the face to working people.

  5. I was supported by the state at a public school good education but confirmed my absolute opposition to the ignorant arrogant self serving corrupt system they indoctrinate pupils to accept example daily indoctrination about the dangers of "jungle music"