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Wales; Identity, Meaning and Nationalism 1955 to 1979..reflections by Gwynoro Jones..Asclepius Course September 2017

Wales Identity Meaning and Nation with Gwynoro Jones

Wales; Identity, Meaning and Nationalism 1955 to 1979..reflections by Gwynoro Jones

Gwynoro Jones is the former Labour MP for Carmarthen. He began working for the Labour party in the sixties and met the significant characters of Walsh Politics from the 1960s to 1979 and beyond. In another political incarnation Gwynoro witnessed the rise and fall of The SDP-Liberal Alliance in Wales and has much to comment on Brexit, the future and the unintended consequences of the Welsh past, present and future.

This exciting course begins with the Parliament for Wales petition in 1955 and finishes with the debacle of St David's day 1979. in its ten weeks you will understand the tensions, the bitterness and the Byzantine politics of Wales both in terms of the Labour party and of Plaid. It will deal with the tensions in Plaid and the fear of nationalism within the Labour party. This will be the world of the brooding dark presence of George Thomas. It will explore the tension in Plaid between Gwynfor Evans and Saunders Lewis. It will explore the political battle symbolised by the Carmarthen by election of 1966 and of the political struggle in that seat between Gwynoro Jones and Gwynfor Evans during the early 70s. We will look at the big beasts of the time, Aneurin Bevan , Lady Megan Lloyd George, Jim Griffiths, Jim Callaghan, Saunders Lewis Elystan Morgan and the brutal and Machiavellian Ray Powell. We will look at implications, consider the what ifs ? and lay the foundation for understanding Aberfan and its effects. We will examine the 1960s the Rhondda West and Caerphilly by-elections and speculate on the future of Wales its nationality and its identity.

The Spring term will see a another course on the history and identity of Wales as it moves into the 80s . Further into 2018 there will be additional courses on Devolution, Brexit and the rise bad fall of the Alliance. We hope to offer you a series of linked courses on the theme of Wales, nationality and identity throughout the year.

I have known Gwynoro Jones for over 30 years. He has assemble a significant archive of details, press cuttings and recollections that will explain, intrigue and shock you. Gwynoro has long supported a powerful Welsh Identity, supported a devolved and powerful Wales and is a keen supporter of the European ideal. This course is not to be missed...... this is a ten week, two hour a course and costs £80. Concession £40..for more dtaiols ring 07592330467 or email

The course starts on Monday september 11 2017 at 12.30 pm

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