Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Early August political thoughts and on seeming fair but being foul.

Early August political thoughts and on seeming fair but being foul. As the dust settles on Brecon and Radnor I talk to many to many activists and a clear pattern begins to emerge..
There is an air of a foul smell in the hint of Autumn. It's not an autumn of madness it's an autumn in which the foul smell behind the surface of "liberal democracy" breaks through. We know that untill the Ystradgynlais boxes arrived the Tories were in the lead. We know that the twenty plus phone bank of the Tories had been on steroids for many days and clearly had an impact. I suspect that without the 1000 plus activists and the cooperation of Greens and Plaid Cymru that the Lib Dem hold upon the constituency is fragile. No one has pointed out that the combined Leave vote exceeds the Remain vote by nearly 3000. This was a pyrhic victory and may well be a defeat by October. Throughout the UK two clear fault lines exist remain and leave stay where they have been for three years . As we rush towards a no deal Brexit I feel a sickness inside the Liberal Democrats pose as fair but their foullness spills out whilst the Tories just promote foul policies with no pretends of seeming fair.
Jo Swinson clearly states that she will not support a Jeremy Corbyn government. Clearly revealing her preference for market based policies of the Tories t hst she so enthusiastically supported as a mininister in the Coaltion government of 2010 to 2015. The 'moderates' support a status quo that changes nothing. There may well be tinkering with income but will do nothing to effect a redistribution of wealth. The Autumn of our collective madness nears as we learn nothing of the hard right government lurking behind the shrinking hours of light. A populist bribe is on offer, Trump like and brutal. Yet a brief story I heard yesterday describes the shadow within the Liberal Democrats. On polling day a Liberal Democrat in Brecon said to a group of Labour activists.. "don't you have a J■w to go home to and punch?"'The fullness oozes out and I am unsure which party Tory, or Liberal Democrat brings on my nausea the most.

As we approach the nightmare of the Brexit at Halloween..I wonder what further foulnrss will be revealed and from whom. It feels like a coup and as the constitutional position becomes unclear. Is this how Weimar felt . And I remember that it was the Centre Party that supported Hitler's enabling laws. Of course thus is not Weimar and Johnson is not Hitler but Swinson"s ambition is immense and her principles based on being all things to all people. A mighty judgement is coming and part of me feels sick and uncomfortable. We should all be aware that the street gangs are out there waiting to move into the space when the fullness of the foulness of Liberal Democracy and of the Tory Party becomes clear. They wait for the November darkness to pose as the new champions of a rejuvenated country. Of course Ireland will be gone and with it Scotland. In Wales we will he the last colony as we were the first. But whatever happens the madness grows and intolerance lurks within the soul of liberal democracy. Something is rotten in the state of our politics and our politics is an unneeded garden in which plants rank and gross in nature possess it merely....this is the season of Johnsonia..and I am ill at ease..

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