Thursday, 15 August 2019

In place of Fear 2019.


How can wealth persuade poverty to use its political freedom to keep wealth in power? Here lies the whole art of Conservative politics in the twentieth century.

The answer to Bevan`s question is the the tool of fear.....

Fear becomes a tool of statecraft in the hands of Boris Johnson . Fear is the blood in the veins of the Brexit Party discourse. As Johnson stirs up the fear of violence, the law and order card is played and stop and search becomes the empowerment of the gammon skinned elderly males. The fumes of perfectly post modern fascism and the whiff of Weimar is clearly felt across the land. The authoritarian football coaches and their street gangs threaten over and over to sort out the left and bring the boys round to have a word with you. The old bitter men, in a hurry, running from death, turn onward and bury their heads in the sand. On Port Talbot Debate and Argue the excited rants of the white nationalists squawk in excitement at the coming of Halloween. This is the August of our madness where simple solutions for complex problems long used by the gauleiters and propagandists of the Conservative and Bluekipoer tendency.

They can't wait to leave and to enter the sun lit uplands of a white male dominated England set in a glorious sea This is a land free from those of a dark skin, it's inhabitants eat chlorinated chicken and the stewards of its health service are the alligators of the American corporate swamp. The turkeys long and vote for an early Christmas . Yet the stench of fear is everywhere as the Bojo in chief through s gigantic bribes that grow wilder and wilder. Yet I smell the sweat beneath the bribe and beyond the desperation.The Brexit hangover is coming and when they awake and find that the old boss is the new boss then reality will dawn.

We need an antidote to fear and my thoughts go back to Nye Bevin . In place of fear we must create hope. As time runs down to the general election the bland tones of Jo Swindleson ring out. The tones of the Labour right want anything but a socialist government. Centrism died in 2008 with the economic crash yet it's adherents locked in denial search for anyone but Corbyn. In the end it simply comes down to A Labour government or a Tory one. The UK is cracking it's time is done. The issue is now what comes next. Boris Johnson and Michael Gove never supported the Good Friday agreement and under the Tories the troubles wilk return. Only Labour can manage an Irish reunification and in Scotland the SNP realise the truth and agree to cooperate with Labour to bring the Tories down. It's coming down to this you either bring them down or you support them. The middle ground has gone . It's up to the Green Party and Plaid to decide what they do. We know the basic instincts of the Liberal Democrats and that is the "free market" and an ersatz conservatism. When the chips are down they will look right and not accordingly. They have been doing that for the last century.

As the ghost of Nye Bevan reminds of the hopes of 1945. I know that the only antidote is hope and the exorcism of fear. This hope is can be found in Labour and in sections of the SNP, Plaid and the Greens. It comes down to this only Corbyn can become the Nye Bevin of 2019. There is no one else who can provide the means to give us an alternative. On the route to in place of fear there is only one man who can seize the moment. Time and time again there will be false claimants and pretenders but there is only one alternative a Labour led government under Jeremy Corbyn . Beware the bland and the bitter..there is no alternative. Come with us or head to the dustbin of history. The contribution of Greens, Plaid and others will keep Labour honest, overthrough the dinosaurs within our party and provide creative and radical options for difficult issues. Hesitate or hang back in fear and the dustbin of history awaits you. The road is long but the end is near and fear can only be replaced by hope. It's now socialism or babarism. I hear on Radio 4 both Plaid and the SNP realise the reality. While dear Jo and the Fib Dems dance on the rim of the dustbin of history longing for approval and to be noticed. It's coming down to a political and historical moment of singularity. All paths move to a single point of intersection. We live in a moment of chance change the crisis deepens as we ride in the eye of the storm. Who will be chewed up? and who will be spat out.?..we await the answer..

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  1. What is the 'Bluekipoer tendency' to which you refer?