Friday, 23 August 2019

Of Banter and Snowflakes

The excuse is the same but what banter does is simply reductionist and narrow.
We all  use banter and we should all struggle with it. It tells us about our own assumptions and limitations.if we can reduce others to a few basic words we diminish them. When we say they are only animals then we open the road to the gas chambers. I reflect on my own use of banter . Years ago I wince in shame and in years to come I will do the same to what I use  and say now. We are all on a path of challenging ourselves and others. Banter is never neutral and always oppressive. It lessens the complexity of our identities and reduces us. The term "remoaner" is a perfect example often used by the right. However I often use the term 'kipper or ' bluekippers' in similar ways . I excuse myself for doing it and to some extent it has a grain of truth in its reductionism Yet it is poor in its value.

The challenge is that we are all ever becoming ; becoming ever more self aware and learning to know ourselves evermore fully. Teasing our lovers and our close friends is acceptable in relationships of equals.

 The term "snowflake' used by the political right is a attempt to destroy the virtue of's a term used by the narcissist and those who cannot walk a single step in another's's a fitting device from Brexit's an attempt to say I am alright fuck you. ... sadly there are so many who surrender to it...they can't imagine another culture; another experience, another sorrow or wound. The only cure is to sit with the pain of others, travel, read and Google. Think how would I feel if? It challenges us to avoid the half baked experiences we have and not to project or displace our motives and fears onto the other and to listen and to say Chiron we should use our wounds to understand the other and to heal them. The process will be reciprocated...this is simply why I am an ecosocialist and a therapist My wounds, sorrows, passions and knowledge are for others. The heart Kahil Gubran observed often has a great capacity for joy and ecstasy as a result of it's challenges and sorrows. And as the Eagles sing " Some dance to remember others dance to forget.

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