Friday, 30 August 2019

Seven days to bring them down and turn back the hard right.

It's been 47 years since another September 11th in Chile. Chile was a model democracy. It had powerful Trade Unions and a strong left wing party led by the charismatic Allende. A socialist government had been elected and provided free health care and an education system available to all. Chile had it's Jeremy Corbyn and his policies. There was a rich diverse and multi racial culture. It was creative and rich in literature, music and art. Democracy was well established and had you suggested the possibility of a coup backed by the army you would have been called deluded..
Yet on September 11th 1973 the Americans backed a military coup led by Pinochet. The Far right street gangs of the Chilean Far Right ran the concentraration camps and roundef up the left and the intellectuals. They came for the Trade Unionists and the young . These groups have echoes in the street gangs of the UK. The words on social media from the DFLA and the EDL echo the gangs that came for their enemies in Chile. Of course many will say I exaggerate. I will be called delusional yet I feel uneasy. The words "traitors" and ' enemies of the people" are used time after time. The "patriots threaten to come round and sort you out time after time in tweet after tweet in message after message. The threats are real and the anger palpable.

A large section of the white working class have moved to the right. Chile had a written constitution we do not. Johnson's actions are not a coup but instead a bending to the maximum precedent. There is a theory that because England was the first industrial nation that a curious hybrid structure grew up that combined elements of a feudal aristocracy with the growing plutocrats of the merchant class. We have no written constitution but simply a series of precedents that pretend to be a constitution . It's perfect for the uses of the organised hypocrisy that is the conservative party. By the way that's a quote by Disraeli the leader of the Conservative Party during a section of 19th century. An unwritten constitution backed by this hypocrisy , organised by a conspiracy aimed at power is about to create a post modern form of crypto fascism. It will be unique here and clearly can be defeated yet it's going to get very nasty.
It's fed by a kind of stassi capitalism that is quite unique to the curious 'frothy charm' of individuals like Mogg and Johnson. The defeat of this authoritarian tendency is essential. It's Socialism or Barbarism...come dungeons dark or gallows grim..'s time to decide Swinson and the Tory wets...whose side are you on?

And the days come down to this on Sky news Ken Clarke says he is prepared to back a Corbyn led caretaker government. What will Jo and her merry band do now? There are no other options now than a no confidence motion. We all know that with parliament prorogued it's not far from rule by the Privy Council. We know that provision and planning has been made with the armed services to prevent "civil disirder". In theory within the terms of our unwritten constitution we could have the suspension of civil rights and the abolition of trade union rights. Of course those who celebrate the prorogueing of Parluament know deep down that they would like to suppress dissent and abolish our civil liberties. The savage Gammon know what they want and there are Tories who see what is happening. There is no middle ground anymore my friends better decide whose side you are on? It's time Jo...the extremists have taken over the government. Even the Financial Times has condemned them.. what else do you need to know? Yesterday I asked a member of the prorogueing faction what she would feel if a Labour Government under Jeremy Corbyn did this. She replied 'well he is not Prime Minister" . The concept of precedence was clearly lost upon her. I have spent the time since having great sympathy with Enlightened Despotism and A certain Marxist Leninist outlook. What do we do with errant stupidity or ignorance? I really am horrified by this chronic lack of the ability to think...we must act quickly now as the hour is getting late..

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  1. Excellent blog, sir. I too am more than a bit uncomfortable... I am rapidly becoming afraid as I see the rise of the far right growing daily