Tuesday, 17 September 2019

The Philosophers Tale 'an interlude in time' Part 4

And so the people bowed and prayed to the Brexit God they made...as Martyn stood outside the remnants of the FAN hall. He asked himself if that mornings events parody or pastiche? Were they Brechtian? Or indeed Beckian?

The answer came suddenly to him and he smiled . Then he laughed the attitude and philosophy of these far right groups were more Benny Hill. Their attitude to gender, sexuality and authority smelt and sounded so like a parody of the 1970s. This was more "On the busses" and "Love thy Neighbour" than anything else. Then he heard a faint tapping below a piece of masonry. Someoneone was tapping out "Tales from Topographic Ocean." Clearly Neil Wagstaff had sutvived Glancing over to another pile of masonry he saw the Gauleiter of Resolven Chris Von Edwards mumbling to himself a string if words " it was all Shrewsburys fault. Everything always was from Hiroshima to Holacaust. I'm a libertarian" ...the drivel wore on and on.

In another part of Swansea Chareles Wally Watkins returned to his researches. For Charles history was an essential project of facts. Interpretation was purely quantitative rather than qualative. His history betrayed his accountancy training. For him Whig history or Marxist history was a myth there was no appreciation that the writhing and writing of history was itself a product of the present rather than the past. His history was a series of the doings of great men. It was an account that resembled GCSE history an account of events mediated by the winners.
Surrounded in the train Graham Law thought quickly. Graham realised that Simpson and the Torfaen SA had little appreciation of irony. Borrowing a dog collar from a Vicar slumped into the corner of the carriage. He created a new prelate character. As Bishop Mallaghan stepped down from the train he began in medieval Latin to celebrate a high requeim for the departed soul of Elizabeth Saxe Coberg Gotta. In awe the boys of the Torfaen SA prostrated themselves in prayer and adoration to her memory. As they dreamed of a white right wing and masculine culture Graham escaped and headed towards a clump of Trees. The events continued to unfurl and the world moved on...
Anorher series of issues would be listened to and discussed . What would the events involve?
Sister Night began a new conjuration and elsewhere the Privy Council began to meet. Throughout the breaking tectonic plates of the British State events like these were paralleled with those of South Wales. A curious alignment was taking place as Roy turned on the television and Robert Miller slept on.

Martyn glanced around the smoking remnants of the hall as Chris Edwards muttered on. Dragging the masonry off of Wagstaff they loaded him into the Polaris wagon . Leaving the referee and the 'libertarian" to gently come to in their own time. The Polaris wagon turned back and headed towards the besieged vinyl shop in Torfaen .. a new phase in the struggle was about to begin...

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