Thursday, 26 September 2019

Things fall apart and the centre cannot hold....

As Parliament catches the vicious cycle of the discourse of violence and hate we approach the risk of another Jo Cox attack. As the word 'humbug' is used to put down the truth and the Bullingdon bully reveals misogyny and contempt. In London the Far Right plans rallies in support of Boris Johnson. The language of 'traitor' and of 'surrender' is used openly. As Johnson says that the best way to honour Jo Cox's memory is to get Brexit done we see the nature of his soul and desperation and lust for power. When even Dan Hodge tweets that Jeremy Corbyn should be Prime Minister. As the Attorney General uses language of death and destruction we see the machine of Ur Fascism creep up several notches. The truth is that fascism is within all of us but in varies in degree and power. A buffoon leads us as the darkness within him grows. The rhetoric of Cummings is unleashed and all of us are darkened and our flaws feed the heightened mood of despair. Watch the second part of "Rise of the Nazi's' and you see the equivalentt personalitiee of modern Britain. As Johnson uses propaganda to deny reality and of

connections between discourse and murder we enter Weimar and the year 1933 begins. The Freikorp walk our streets as in America a young woman comes within a few steps of a orange haired beast slouching it's way through the swamp towards a far right Bethlehem.
And yet as the choice for the next Prime Minister comes down to but two choices we see radical socialist policies produced and a decent honorable man waiting to take power.. As the implications of climate change begin to become clear for every far right discourse or numpty there are far more from the better angels of our nature. Hope is palpable and it all comes down to who you choose. The moderates cannot be locked in denial any more. There is no "moderate" position between hope and hostility; there is no portion between racism and toleration. There is no moderate position between equality and inequality. On Radio 4 on Thought for the Day I hear the same naive nonsencec that moderation is the only way forward once more stated. There is only one man waiting to be called to become Prime Minister who can calm us and turn back the hatred. It's time for Jeremy Corbyn and there is no one else who can rise to the occasion all of he has flaws and imperfections yet it is these cracks through which the light of hope will get in...choose now...we can no longer deny the dark forces that move amongst and within us...the inferno of rhetoric threatens to consume us all.

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