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The Philosophers Tale Part 5....the beasts begin to fight.

The Philosophers Tale Part 5....the beasts begin to fight..

As the Polaris Wagon headed towards Torfaen to rescue their besieged comrades in tbe Vinyl shop.and Graham caught a bus to Cardiff having escaped the Torfaen Irregulars . In the Swansea Valley Sister Night and her group began to invoke the powers of the Old Goddess. This time she thought it would be easier . The defeat of the good old boys of the far right lay within their own psyches. While the far right dreams of a Kristillnacht against the left; their inner demons plotted a night of the Long Knives against their "patriotic" compatriots. The truth was that the lads of the RSS and of DFLA each suffered from a chronic insecurity deep within themselves. It had long been like this upon the far right . It had been there since Rohm versus Himmler, through Farage versus Cummings and was mirrored and hinted at in the rivalry between Dave and Weeco. There had already been a virtual punch up between the Cardiff lads and the Swansea ones. As Martyn, Graham and the Daughter of the Night thought of their next move on the numerous levels of existence the world began to change.

The passing of Elizabeth Saxe Coberg Gotta set a ripple of fear running through the establishment. As long ago as Weimar the ruling class had sought to use the street gangs of the SA to control and eliminate the Socialists and the Trade Unionists. There had been an echo of this perhaps conscious or denied within the ruling class of the British State. After all our dear family historian Charles Wally Watkins was friends with Weeco the Ernst Rohm of Swansea DFLA and as Martyn wondered who had been the agent on Abertawe Chitters providing young Weeco with information on the activities of the Left?

As the monsters of the far right"s ID and Shadow began to fall out rather than play with one another's Demons and the coup began to fade and break down.
As the diverse and scattered elements of the left began to rally and cooperate the diverse jealous insecure elements of the far right began to possess their psyches.
The Polaris wagon roared on as Graham and many others rallied Extinction Rebellion within Cardiff. Nearly five thousand of them were gathered in Millenium Stadium .
Once more the forces of the Swanses centrist looked on from their internment camp within Morriston still dreaming of the equivalence of the left and of the importance of the words the bountiful Swinson.. the Daughter of the voice.
Deep within Dave a deep loathing began for the boys of the Morriston DFLA. The worst demons of his nature burst forth evoked by the forces of the conjuration of the Daughter of the Night.
Throughout South Wales Martyn"s Dire Wolves ran on observing, sniffing out events, concerns and rivalries. His little birds moved quickly unseen highly observant and excited. As the Polaris wagon roared into Torfaen the comrades saw the remnants of the Torfaen Irregulars were observed to be drunk and squabbling..

In Llansamlet and Bonymaen Labour activists noticed the same "drunk and squabbling" behaviour amognst the lads of the RSS.
In the remnants of the FAN hall the Gauleiter muttered on and in Seven Sisters the SSS began to quarrel as Councillor Steve Crass Bunt looked for the enemies within and booted off 300 more fake alleged 'Shrewbury" accounts from 'his" Facebook group. The dogs of the right were braking at one another another and neared open fighting and struggle.
Did the collapse of the far right come from the psyche or the psychic? Neil in his Cogntive Analysis would see it one way.. Martyn see it from the Psychodynamic paradigm and the Old Faith saw it an other way...

Whatever the cause was it was ckear that the world was changing and the synthesis moved on. The paradigm was in flux and the contradictions and paradox lay bare the hearts and minds of the protagonists in the drama of Brexit Island . The ghost of Gramsci and Baudrilliard looked on as the last Torfaen Irregulars collapsed pissed as the lefties from the Vinyl shop ran up the Red Flag over Torfaen. The Red Flags flew as well over the Millenium Stadium. The climax of events were nearing apogee. A perverse triangulation was consuming the "patriots".. but still in Port Talbot Robert Miller slept on . .to be continued.

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  1. My absolute favourite episode.... brilliantly written, in the great tradition of British political satire, one might even go so far as to say a typically Swiftian response to our current national crisis.