Thursday, 4 October 2018

No Paseran ..remembering Cable Street Oct 4 1936

 Just recently I watched a fragile man be bullied by a Doctor at a Pips appeal yesterday. His voice was shrill you felt that the doctor was cross examining at the old Bailey. He was determined to destroy there was no shred if compassion for the man. My face was enough as I sat beside him. The Doctor turned in me. The look on my face, that a man who had signed the Hippocratic Oath could speak in this way to soneone had survived stage 4 Cancer was enough my face us nirnally poker like in such places but my emotions had broken tbrough and the Doctor tokd me off for not showing him resoect

The Doctor kept saying to the client speak up I am deaf. Within me a cry began but I suppressed it. I wanted to scream get a fucking hearing aid. In the end the client began to cry and the court was adjourned. I remember these words i wrote sometime ago and i give tbem to you again but this time the words used on Social Media in the past were now institutionalised in other forms and methods .* In the end there can be no compromise with them. In the end you cannot except the terms of abuse used. In the end the calls of “twat” and “tool” diminish us all. In the end their cries of free speech reveal that they think anyone slightly to their left is a “commie” or a “snowflake” In the end they cant except the difference, that you are, the oddness you seem and the issue of blame sticks to you. The sneers, the simplicities, the assaults psychologically, the bullying cant be accepted. Its just banter you know...move on get over it....the words echo around social media

You try to show that the crack in everything shows that we are all broken, all imperfect. This imperfection is projected , displaced denied. You could imagine them saying “oh he is alright to talk to but its the others you know. Its the same words used to describe those of other ethnicities, other faiths , other out looks. In the end you cannot be an appeaser to the tigers of race hate, homophobia and narrowness. In the end there can be no compromise, there can be no acceptance of the common-sense that is closed, damaged and partial. In the end you cannot accept the reading of one newspaper..
In the end you realise that this is the path to the concentration camp, the lynching and the laughter. In the end you cannot get the idea through that what they do to the least they do both to themselves and to me. In the end Cable Street, Guernica and Auschwitz makes you take up the old cry Non Paseron and then in the end all fears go and you stand up to the shadow of a reborn fascism . I have had enough of your sneers at gentle, inexperienced people doing their best or if battered rapidly ageing Ecosocialists of nearly 60. In the end there is no other choice......

In the end you tire of reason, watching your language, apologising for your reading. In the end you tire of all of this. In the end you tire of saying that lack of certainty on so many issues should not be seen as a term of abuse. In the end you tire of the word “libtard”, “commie “, “treehugger” and then you take these terms and hold them up as a badge of honour...and you resist, renew and reclaim these the end you tire of the abuse and you fight the end..... In the end I have your measure..whether or not I have had a pint with you. Whether or not you are my frond on Facebook, debated with me, followed me on the end I stand before you and say No Paseran to you whoever you the end you will see that we all displace, project and blame but until then there is a barrier I will not cross tolerate or accept...

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