Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The need for a new American Republic and Constitution..

The need for a new American Republic and Constitution..

I hear a an interview with a writer from the USA talking about the Trump Presidency. The writers book is called "We were in power for eight years" it's by Tanerashi Coates it talks about how the nature of Trumps outlook and philosophy contributed to the march of white supremacists in Charlottesville over a year ago and the tragedy that resulted from it
He correctly points out that a black President or a candidate who talked about women the way Trump does would have been driven from power or out of the electoral process . However he points out that it is quite possible for someone who is African American or Latino to be elected in 2020. He went on to say slavery was only abolished because of an external threat to the USA by that of cesession by the southern states. I thought of the FDR response to the great crash of 1929...perhaps an external crisis will make the USA change once more . Perhaps the embarrassment of a Trump Presidency will be sufficient . The American constitution is out of date . Hilary Clinton won the popular vote but lost the electoral college.

California has the same number of  Senators as does Maine. Population size does not mean anything. In an election with proportional votes Trump would have lost. The American Constitution is a product of the late 18th century. It predates the Madison v Jefferson debate on commercialism/industrialism versus the ownership of land and agriculture. The myth of the founding fathers and the nature of their Constitution has made a Trump Presidency possible. In fearing a new George the Third they have provided the means by which a post modern proto Fascist called Donald the First Is elected....2020 can not come quickly enough...we know Trumps victory has stimulated political activity and membership on the American progressive wing...let us see the Trump victory as a Hegelian moment...and the moment we awaken. The Supreme Court is a means by which the conservative agenda is preserved. It is not has been the resistance point to every

progressive policy in American history. It's no different now. In freeing themselves from George 111 they created a conservative appointed institution to preserve the status quo. It is neither elected or politically neutral. In the years of Trump it is a means of oppression and contributes to the principles of Ur Fascism. The USA needs to create not only a New Republic but a new Constitution. The late Gore Vidal commented once that the Founding Fathers never realised or appreciated the warning implicit in Aristotle's concerns and fears about the Athenian Republic. De Touqville did as well but I suspect that Trump and most of his supporters think they are the names of Manhattan restaurants..Fascism comes to the a unique form..

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