Thursday, 25 October 2018

Tomorrow belongs to me...meanwhile at Port Talbot Debate and Argue Facebooh group....

When judges are labelled enemies of the people; when we are told that remainers are citizens of nowhere, when we have had enough of experts and a Tory MP says his daughter should study engineering rather than politics, when academics and researchers are rubbished we smell the stench of late Weimar and Fasciam

When an ex Tory MP calls a child in a hospital bed a pathetic  cretin when the President of the USA admires a candidate who bvody slams a journalist

So Trump abuses Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, calls the press enemy of the people and stirs up hatred.. and what happens someone sends them explosive devices..the link is obvious..

As  we hear moreconcerning bombs sent in America. What does it take to make people realise the reality of far right does it take?

 The fascists use the term "enemy of the people". Weimar stirs and the nature of our democracy falters. If Robinson is an Independent Journalist then I am the Pope...

 So poor Tommy Robinson is ranting about his lack of free speech while speaking to a rally covered by the  national media... er..I think of a Zen proverb "where ignorance is our master there will never be real peace"

Tomorrow belongs to me....

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