Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Las Vagas and Gun control..what does it take Trump?

What does it take Trump,?

What does it take Donald Trump for you to get it? What does a man with a thin skin and a large who need to understand. What does it say about a society where there are more guns than people. When mental health safeguards are cast aside because of your worship at the shrine of the freemarket then you are as guilty as the murderer. When you grovel to the National Rifle Association because if your desperation to win and fill the hole in your self esteem then you are as guilty as the murderer.. When the men in shark skin suits placate, sooth and flatter your toddler like mind then they are as guilty as the murderer....when the only connection you make is that the murderer had a father who was a bank robber then you are as guilty as the shooter...

When you don't understand that the NRA are the executioners who do not actually open fire
When more people have been shot by toddlers than terrorists and when it's white men and not brown ones that blow you away..and you don't see it then you are in denial. When you don't understand that the manufacture of guns is about profit and not freedom. When you don't understand that the second amendment is about militia and muskets and not your inadequacy you might as well have pulled the trigger yourself. When you leave the USA and cross into Canada the death by fire arms virtually vanished? What does it take Donald Trump to realise tgat the sickness haunting American society
Pulled the trigger. That the mental health of a sixty four yeast old accountant wenr unnoticed because of the myth of the great society. The truth is Donald you are the personification of the sickness. Your ego pulled the trigger. Your ramblings, ignorance and simplicity made it possible...yoy Donsald and your ilk are the the men who made the guns, made the ammunition and your greed pointed the weapons.. you are the sickness.. and the executioners....when the Governor of Nevada vetoes legislation that would limit guns because he feels it limits constitutional righrs then he might as well have pulled the trigger. When mental health us ignored, when cultural change is denied ..when the myth of the gun and the West took you in..you are the murderer and the executioners..

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