Monday, 16 October 2017

Power and sexuality..all men need to understand

Power and sexuality..all men need to understand

Recent events from the USA concerning the use of power and it's effect upon women need to be thought about by all men.  

I have sat with the victims of rape and Sexual assault for about 25 years now and I have real concerns that the invistigation into the complainants sexual life will deter and make sure that make cases are not brought and many victims will be ignotred.
The simple truth is that any one who has been through this is vulnerable to this use of power. It is irrelevant how many partners a person has had or indeed what she chose to do. Consent and choice are the key terms here. "No" must always mean "no" and there are no exceptions. A woman with a poly amorous sexual life still chooses who her partners will be. It means that she has the final choice and not that she is available to any man who wants her. This is a crucial and important distinction that must be recognised.
The responsibility of how men treat women is a subject of massive importance. It is the responsibility of fathers , of grandfathers and all men need to understand and respect this idea and to get this principle across to other men and to their male children. No man's promiscuity or his sexual manipulation of women would be looked at or discussed..
Our sexual morality must be something we learn carefully and gradually, we cannot judge anothers sexual morality as long as that morality exploits no one and uses no one. Men who would use a women as a sexual partner while she or he are drunk or under the effects of drugs are not men but rather pathetic individuals. The erotic impulse and love making is a wonderful thing and should celebrated. It is a an I Thou relationship rather than the exploitive I it relationships of powerful men and their mates. …......

The Jimmy Saville case shows how vulnerable yuung women are to sexual expoitation, and the denial of its reality. While the attitude to women as objects by film producers is not that different from Saville's. Most men still have much to learn and have a great deal of responsibility to get these ideas across to other men . This must be done for a healthy society to be created and for power and sexuality to be clearly distinguished.

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