Monday, 16 October 2017

The Jacs of the Welsh Right

The jacs and the dustbin of Welsh history...

I note once more that there is an attempt to launch a right wing nationalist party within Wales. Those of us who are nearly 60 notice that many of those from this background are aware that we were the harbingers of a more tolerant and open society. I have always wanted to be part of a Wales that was multicultural. multi lingual whose citizens celebrated their sexuality, their identity and their role in numerous ways. It's a Wales that is aware of it's unique history and it's unique culture and ethnicity. I have longed to take part in ending the narrowness we often find here and to celebrate its tolerance than we me more often find. I wonder what it is that makes the Jacs of this land sound like UKIP through the medium of Welsh. Those who are insecure often displace and project naively this form of identity crisis onto the others.. Often when they talk about right wing nationalism they mean a Wales where men ' were" men and it was a land of binary opposites .Women stayed at home, there were no other than white faces and we worked either on the land or in heavy industry or mining. You often heat the jacs of this land moan about 'wimmin" lefties and greenies. They dislike renewable energy, fail to understand what a post industrial society would be like, do not understand about a citizens income or what robotics and technology mean for our future. This does not include all of those who are of the "jacs" age there are many who understand the implications of social media or social change. However it's quite clear between the angry old men and the early baby boomers there is often a vast gulf that stretches over the difference between tolerance and bigotry. The creation of a socially conservative " Christian Wales" is often a code for something intolerant and rigid. This would not be the Wales that would be forward looking . The generation under thirty within Wales are quite sure of what it wants and the nature of Wales that it sees. The old butter men and the far right sniffing around this new party of the jacs is a vile prospect. It belongs in Trotsky"s famous words to the dustbin of history. Let us take up the brush and sweep them by you bitter old jacs.....and yes I too can be an old fart; stuck in my ways yet I know the difference between what was; what is and what can be....have a great weekend,,,

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