Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The Great Party of Brexit

The great party begins it's path. It purges the Universities of its alternative thoughts. It asks for a list of speakers and courses. It seeks to control the internet the discourse and the masses. If hypnotized them with the myth if sovereignty ; the threat of the migrant and the fear of the other. Welcome to the new order.

 .We voted for BREXIT. So what are the REMOANER TRAITORS doing now? Building a THIRD RUNWAY at HEATHROW! We don't need ANOTHER one - we should be CLOSING DOWN the ones that are THERE. All they do is bring FOREIGNERS in and let TRAITORS out. We don't need AIRPORTS at all. Or FERRIES for that matter. A holiday in SLOUGH was good enough for my auntie - and it's good enough for me. And why have we got a FOREIGN SECRETARY? We need a proper ENGLISH one!

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