Friday, 21 December 2018

And now the Winter Solstice is here and the rain keeps a falling

And now the Winter Solstice is here and the rain keeps a falling. The light is at its nadir as I climb onto the bus I hear that 15,000 have died waiting for their correct share of ESA We now know that 600 people have died homeless. They have died forgotten ; unrecorded and ignored. Their average age was 44 something is very wrong and our society is very sick. Brexit has consumed everything, it has obscured all care, concern and compassion. Government is solely concerned with it and all else is hidden. The light will now grow and the days will lengthen. For many this will be the last day in work as it will be for myself. This will be the last blog piece of 2018. I will I expect still be commenting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram . It's time to recharge and replenish.
I wish you well this Christmas. For many this is a grim time Nothing is more apparent than the myth of Christmas. The discourse of Christmas is of the family, of love and of snow. Yet so few line in the nuclear family and are without love and it rains rather than snows

The Maybot gives us a military subtext. She stirs up a real Project Fear we have soldiers at Heathrow and soldiers waiting to be used at Brexit time. Mysterious drone drivers, unknown, unseen are used to increase our insecurity. The right wing press claims that environmental campaigners are responsible. The government create fear, division and disalusionment they kill light and silence laughter. Mean while a viscious tribe of Public School boys chant pantomime like as a homeless man dies a few hundred feet from them. They close their ears, eyes and mouth to reality as the length of human life shortens and austerity bites harder and with it more children feel hunger and cold. These are the days of Scrooge and Marley's ghost is exorcised before Christmas morning. Bob Cratchit has been sanctioned and Tiny Tim suffering from the introduction of Universal Credit.

I am fed up with those who claim that Christ is the reason for Christmas.tbe Holy Family could not get to Bethlehem because of the Israeli Wall. There are many things older than Christ, there us the Celtic child of light there are the festival's going back 10,000 years . We need Saturnalia, we need the feast of wine and good food. We need to challenge the discourse and celebrate the collective .We need to reach out from this narrow nasty conservative Christmas before Brexit. Socialism is essential and the end of this vile government must come. This is a brief moment of rest upon the wind of struggle and another round will begin. Rise like Lions after slumber another world is possible and begins soon.

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