Monday, 10 December 2018

The Last Stand of Hard Brexit..,,and the death of UKIP

The Last Stand of Hard was as long fortold. The hard far right have linked hard Brexit and Islamaphobia. On Sunday little Tommy Robinson and Gerrard Batten will be outnumbered and humiliated. UKIP has become the BNP. There will be Nazi salutes alongside the Union Jacks. There will be masked street gangs masquerading as 'Patriots" . This is what Hard Brexit has come down to. As another UKIP MEP leaves the party the demons unleashed by the Brexiteers takes form and gives oxygen to the inner fascists long hidden within it's group. As Banks and Farage mull over the creation of a new party. I wonder how long it will be that the ERG will form it's core as the Tory Party shatters into a new rehash of the crisis of corn law proposals. Soon they will be out of power for a generation.
In France the myth of Macron too begins to shatter as the Yellow Coat protectors head for Paris. And just as the hard Brexit devotees disintegrate here France the neoliberal centrists crack as the barricades go up and the French return once to the barricades. They have been doing it since 1789 and they have brought down Presidents and Kings before. If anything Macron and En Marche are as irrelevant as Vince Cable and the Lib Dems. In Germany the Social Democrats fall further in the polls as do the CDU. Europe is approaching a 1968 model after 50 years a crisis grips the major states of Western Europe. Another Europe is being born and it is not a neoliberal one. As Corbyn nears power, the Greens surge in Germany and Melanchon waits to confront Marine Lepen in France. The May elections to the European Parliament will lead to an entirely different form of European Parliament.

As the bus heads home I notice a bleating Tweet from Sir Tony Robinson that Jeremy Corbyn has blocked him. The reality begins to dawn on them that not only is hard Brexit dead but with it too is the Centre Party fantasy. The centre will never be able to adequately take on the far right We see it in the fate of Macron, and in the fleeing of Clegg to Silicon Valley and Facebook. I suspect too as the old German parties winter in the end it will come down to the German Greens confronting the AFD. The political structure of Western Europe is about to dramatically change. The rotten door is about to be kicked in as revolution begins. Fifty years from 68 Europe prepares to be remade in the image of Melanchon and Corbyn. The bus leaves Neath and u draw myself up to embrace the weekend.....

 It's not racist to take part in a pro Brexit March. But it's racist to take part in one led by Tommy Robinson. The far right was humiliated and out numbered 10 to 1. Despite the money pouring in from the Bannon international they were out organised and out smarted. This was the last stand of hard Brexit with it's far right allies...

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