Thursday, 6 December 2018

Ein Gwlad a Ukip in Welsh?

I too will be reviewing this book. I have watched and commented extensively upon the emergence of this party. I can't help thinking that they are essentially a UKIP lite party operating through a medium of Welsh. What is quite clear is that the author has no clear understanding of populism and of its analysis. I am told that I get several mentions in the book . I was also intrigued that Lee Felton thinks that I have another persona. I have access to several sources not mentioned so far. One of the sources was a former Green party candidates and activist who has now joine Ein Gwlad. While i could not doubt his commitment to social justice I am afrad that his virews on sexual liberation and reproductive rights were extremely socially conservative. I think it provides a basic understanding of the social conservatism and prejudice that lurks within this party. I will be ordering the book tomorrow and you should get a review before Christmas....

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