Friday, 14 December 2018

In the darkest of us from dead white men with beards and only one book..

A saviour from saviours...We know now that fewer than a million people call themselves Anglicans and attend church regularly. It's time to recognise that all Faiths, spiritualit─║es and beliefs are essentially a matter for the individual. We are a a community of faiths and non, a community of pantheists, penentheists, monotheists and polytheists, atheists and agnostics. Even our politics are matters of faith and mission...all is belief and there is no certainty but there is faith in possibilitied.
There is no need for a state church, there is no need for Bishops in the House of Lords.

 There is no need anymore for a monopoly of Christians as Chaplins in hospitals and prisons. We need a list of Celebrants of all faiths and of none . We must recognise that we should live in a secular society of multiple faiths. It is time that the institutions of the state recognise this. Faith is an individual matter. We can all be equally good or bad with or without God; but we cannot work out our beliefs without thinking critically. We have a system that has indoctrinated us , we need an approach and education system that opens up every institution, every thought and belief , every part of common sense to criticism, analysis and accountability. In the world of social media there are even more false beliefs than havr ever been provided by organised religion. Work out you own salvation as all things decay and help free us all from Saviours..there are too many dead white men with beards and 'holy books'....there are too many who think there own inner voice is the voice of a particular God, Prophet or Creator.

Perhaps we invent them all, perhaps our perceptions are merely the better angels of our nature. And the monsters and demons the worst part of our selves There is a great sea of faiths, both profane and secular and we all live there in a place where we have our life and being. There are no Saviours that are the true ones.We must become our own personal one. We must seek understanding of this simple fact. Free us from those who claim otherwise.

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