Wednesday, 5 December 2018

The poisoned Grails of imagined Brexits

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The poisoned Grails of imagined Brexits are poured upon the ground...and poisons us all...The venoms of Brexit flow on. It fills everything. It drowns hope it kills laughter. It subsumed everything. Poverty is forgotten. Lack of power is ignored. The government thinks of nothing else. The narcissism of the Conservative party becomes it's reason to be. The existential crisis of everything else is a

consequence of the narcissistic and nasty party. What more fitting could it be as an epoche of Farage, Gove and Johnson. What else matters except the core selfishness?.. we learn that 70% of those over 65 would vote for Brexit again and want a hard Brexit. We know that 18% of those under 25 would do the same and 8% for a hard Brexit. The dead still speak cursing us to our fate . The leavers are bitter and feel little triumph..One generation cares not for the other. This is the legacy that began with Thatcher; grew under both Blair;Brown and Cameron and brought to it's apogee under the midwifery of Farage. Dog eats dog and a vile beast waiting to be born slouching it's way towards March 2019.
And the very fact that a special case suggested for the North implies that special cases are possible for Wales and Scotland. The unintended consequences grow as the tectonic plates of the UK both clash and pull apart. And it is all for the Id of the Tory Party and of Nigels prejudice .The drama unfolds and strange possibilities become likely as the unintended consequences multiply and the black swans land in great flocks covering the land. The parliamentary arithmetic is poured over like the ancients examining the entrails of slaughtered cattle ...and decay surrounds us all.

The far right takes over the cause of hard Brexit. Robinson's stormtrooperd chant hate and find a new cause. The words form the chant of hate. A new charge will exist now and that is of being a 'December criminal who was unpatriotic" . The ERG fade like the Nazgul at the fall of Sauron. UKIP becomes the BNP a new bitterness spills out The Gammon-s turn the darkest shade possible and begin to explode. As sovereignty is restored and as Parliament functions as it is meant to do the anger simmers. On Sunday December 9th it will boil over. There is a mighty ignorance and anger about to hit the Capital around Downing Street. It will not be pleasant as simple solutions and primal hate become a soup of bluekippery.. ...that will be mopped up by the bread of Us Fascism...

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