Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The Right walkers sing of Royal love

The Right walkers sing of Royal love..As Brexit unravels, as poverty levels rise, as the Irish border hardens , as for the first time in 800 years Ireland wields power over the British state an idea strikes the ruling class let's have another Royal Wedding.The Express and the Mail sing of Royal love to keep the masses quiet. When all fails a good little Royal wedding takes our minds away from the real issues, the unpleasant facts and the brutality of the international global economy. 

In the House of Commons defence spending is discussed. And the media predict the worst winter for 7 years. Yep the real issues the Royal Wedding and the coming of Winter are used to obscure and keep quiet the masses as a new exilir of opiates is poured into the water of the media. The right walkers swear over the walk to make us undead slaves of the corporations and captains of industry..

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