Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Thoughts on a November morning.....

thoughts on a November morning.....one year on

.it's no accident that in the USA last year Latinos, African Americans, women and the young did not voting for Donald Trump...it's no accident that the white American male frightened by feminism, frightened by the implications of a multi-cultural society, alarmed by the challenge of variable sexuality and gender roles fled into the arms of a billionaire whose family and corporation has given them sub standard housing, fought and threatened health care........it's no accident that the white working class have been seduced, hypnotised and controlled by their fears...it is no accident that Marx wrote of this over one hundred years ago....it's no accident that the white working class who have been de-skilled and confused by a right wing press turn to the public school educated Tory stockbroker that is Nigel Farage...its no accident that Nigel Farage, Donald Trump and Marine Lepen have used the old concept of divide and rule over and over again.......it's no accident that our education system is constructed to create a docile working force..it's no accident that the emphasis on training and skills is about work and not about thinking.....it's no accident that the Trumps and Farage`s of this world do not wish an education system that helps people to think critically ...it's no accident is it? If the system helped us to think for ourselves we would have all the wealth creating, creative thinking people we would need. That is exactly what Trump would not want...is it?
Often on these dark mornings I glance out from the bus windows as I travel from Ystradgynlais to Swansea. Particularly in the last few months I see my Grandfather in my reflection. Wilfred Earnest Hazlewood was in the trenches of World War 1 one hundred years ago. It was a Europe riven by nationalism, the millionaires of that time were arms dealers as they are now. The ruling elites were sacrificing the white working class of Europe on the altars of war. In Wilfred's lifetime there were two wars, the building of the welfare state, the building of the European community. He always kept faith in a simpler more decent world and died before the coming of Thatcher and her championing of hyper capitalism disguised by pseudo family values. This time again as crude nationalism rises the white working class are are being led back to the sacrificial altars hypnotised as once before. Marx was right all along and its time to take off the mask and see the Holy Trump and the blessed Nigel for who they really are. Last week I blocked over 20 people on Facebook I have had enough of ..they certainly had fallen to the Pied Pipers trance-like as they marched to the high altar.......clinging to their god and Guns
So guns ate not the issue...its mental health that's the problem.. .Erm so therefore religion is the problem...if we did not have people meeting in church...guns would not be a problem....erm perhaps it's God's fault for letting people worship there.. .Erm but don't mention the guns....if a man with brown skin kills 8 people TRUMP calls out for banjo g immigration....when 25 people are killed by a white man from a former military background...we should not be hasty... IRONY alert.....

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