Wednesday, 1 November 2017

When powerful men,,,see no Evil

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When powerful men use power or authority to invade the body space of women; children or less powerful others it's abuse. There are no exceptions power should be out of the interaction. It's not too difficult to ask the question. I like you and word like to get to know you. Of course the question once asked should be on the basis of equality and between adults As Damian Green us now finding out. It's no accident that the domestication of animals; the invention if slavery and the creation of the subjugation of women occurred at the same time in history. The power of some men over all others is a product of patriarchy . Gove"s joke; Harvey Weinstein and Damian Green's alleged touching of a young activists knee are all part of patriarchy. The alleged accusations arise from this position and prejudice. Sexuality works between consenting adults of equal power. There are no exceptions and as I look back over nearly 60 years I am ashamed of attitudes that I have witnessed and had. My prejudices and outlook over those years is horrified over the things I have seen , the things I and others have said and the attitudes that all men have assumed on the path to understanding of patriarchy. Men are stunted by patriarchy and women , trans gendered people and the whole LGBTIQA community oppressed by it. For us all to vanquish patriarchy it must be challenged and replaced.....

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