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A timeline of contemporary European events, 1400 to 1550

A timeline of contemporary European events, 1400 to 1550

1400 Death of Geoffrey Chaucer
1404 John the Fearless succeeds his father Philip the Bold as Duke of Burgundy, Count of Flanders (r. 1404-1419)
1415 Battle of Agincourt (24 Oct.)
Charles, Duke of Orleans, taken prisoner and held in England until 1440
1417 End of the Great Schism
1419 Philip the Good succeeds as Duke of Burgundy (r. 1419-1467)
1422 Deaths of Charles VI of France and Henry V of England
Henry VI crowned King of England
1429 Charles VII crowned King of France at Rheims (r. 1429-1461)
1430 Institution by Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy, of the chivalric Order of the Golden Fleece
1431 Joan of Arc burnt at stake in Rouen (30 May)
1432 Henry VI crowned King of France
Ghent altarpiece The Adoration of the Lamb completed by the Van Eycks
1434 Cosimo de'Medici (d.1464) becomes ruler of Florence
1435 Leone Battista Alberti completes his On Painting
1436 Charles VII recovers Paris
1439 Bull of Union between the Greek and Latin Churches
1441 Death of the painter Jan van Eyck
1444 Death of the painter Robert Campin, of Tournai
1450 Kentish Rebellion of Jack Cade
1452 Birth of Leonardo da Vinci (d.1519)
1453 Fall of Constantinople to Sultan Mehmet II (29 May)
End of Hundred Years War (19 Oct.)
Death of the composer John Dunstaple
1454 Beginning of the Wars of the Roses (22 May)
1455 Gutenberg Bible is printed at Mainz
1461 Edward IV becomes King of England (r. 1461-1470, 1471-1483)
Louis XI becomes King of France (r. 1461-1483)
1464 Death of the painter Rogier van der Weyden, of Tournai
1467 Charles the Bold succeeds as Duke of Burgundy (r. 1467-1477)
1469 Lorenzo de'Medici (d.1492) becomes ruler of Florence
1470 Sir Thomas Malory completes his Morte d'Arthur
1470/1 Exile of Edward IV in the Low Countries
1474 Death of the composer Guillaume Dufay
1475 Birth of the artist Michelangelo Buonarroti (d. 1564)
William Caxton produces the first book printed in English
1477 Death of Charles the Bold, last Valois Duke of Burgundy, at the battle of Nancy
Archduke Maximilian of Austria marries Mary of Burgundy
1479 Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile become the 'Catholic Monarchs of Spain'
1482 Death of the painter Hugo van der Goes, of Ghent
1483 Richard III becomes King of England (r. 1483-1485)
1485 Battle of Bosworth and accession of Henry VII, the first Tudor monarch
1488 Bartolomeu Dias rounds the Cape of Good Hope
1489 Death of the painter Simon Marmion, of Valenciennes
1490 Aldine Press founded at Venice by Aldus Manutius
1492 Conquest of Granada by Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile
Christopher Columbus sails to the New World
Martin Behaim constructs at Nuremberg the first terrestrial globe
1494 Death of the painter Hans Memling, of Bruges
1495 Manuel I becomes King of Portugal (r. 1495-1521)
1496/7 Double marriage between the Archduke Philip the Fair and Joanna of Castile, and Margaret of Austria and the Infante John of Castile
1497 John Cabot sails to Newfoundland
1498 Vasco da Gama reaches India
Leonardo da Vinci completes The Last Supper in Milan
1500 Birth of the future Holy Roman Emperor Charles V
1503 James IV of Scotland marries Margaret Tudor
1506 Death of the painter Andrea Mantegna
Death of the Archduke Philip the Fair in Spain
1507 Margaret of Austria appointed Governor of the Netherlands
1509 Henry VIII becomes King of England (r. 1509-1547)
1510 Death of the painter Sandro Botticelli, of Florence
1513 Niccolò Machiavelli completes The Prince
1516 Publication at Basel of Erasmus's Latin translation of the New Testament
1517 Publication at Wittenberg of Luther's Theses
1520 The Emperor Charles V crowned at Aachen
Suleiman the Magnificent succeeds his father Selim I
Death of the painter Raffaello de'Santi (Raphael)
1521 Death of the composer Josquin Desprès
1522 Publication at Wittenberg of Luther's German translation of the New Testament
1522 Knights of St John abandon Rhodes to the Turks
1523 Death of the painter Gerard David
1524 Francis I invades Italy
1525 Battle of Pavia (24 Feb.)
1526 Publication at Worms of William Tyndale's English translation of the New Testament
1527 Sack of Rome
1528 Death of the artist Albrecht Dürer
1529 Siege of Vienna by the Turks
Fall of Cardinal Wolsey
1531 Henry VIII becomes Supreme Head of the Church in England
1533 Henry VIII marries Anne Boleyn
1534 Ignatius Loyola founds the Society of Jesus (Jesuits)
1535 Publication at Zurich of Coverdale's Bible, the first printed Bible in English
1536 Publication of Paracelsus's Great Book of Surgery
1539 Suppression of monasteries in England
1541 Michelangelo completes the fresco The Last Judgement in the Sixtine Chapel
1542 The Inquisition established at Rome
1543 Publication of Nicolaus Copernicus's Revolutions of the Celestial Orbits
Publication of Andreas Vesalius's On the Human Body
1546 Death of Martin Luther
1547 Death of Henry VIII
1553 Mary Tudor becomes Queen of England
1555 Charles V abdicates as Holy Roman Emperor
1558 Elizabeth becomes Queen of England
1561 Death of the miniaturist Simon Bening, of Bruges

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