Thursday, 12 April 2018

Some thoughts on being registered as disabled and visually impaired

On Monday of this week I was formally registered as being disabled due to my visual impairment. You can't see that someone has sight problems . It's a but like you thar can't see those who are mentally ill. One of the worst aspects of sight problems is that those who are not or even one case today assume that you are just like them and can do exactly what they can do.

It's no good pointing out the spelling errors you make because you can't distinguish one letter from another or indeed because of predictive text that ^ you can't take tlhe articke seriously because of such errors". It's a bit like Margaret Thatcher assuming that because she had it difficult she would make it difficult for everybody else. One person told me that she too was sight impaired but will prove read..and so should I. I am afraid my vision impairment was not hers nor would I assume hers were mine. I was predictably insensed that this was on a Socialist Page where I would expect people to understand that we are all differently able and are all disabled in areas of empathy and tolerance to someone somewhere with a particular way of living.

Those who know me often tell me I have left shaving foam on my face, cut myself while shaving or are wearing trainers of contrasting colours. I don't mind laughing at my howlers but there are times you can join me laughing at my errors. However I do take great exception to those who say things to make themselves feel good or superior. I often feel that it is so hard to walk a mile in someone else's moccasins .It may even be that I am slightly dyslexic that complicates creating words and sentences even more so. So please realise the grammar and spelling fascisst may even more so may cause you to behave like a real fascist.

Please understand that while spelling is important there may be other causes than ignorance or poor spelling. I expect such behaviour from the right and those who have poor empathy. I don't expect it on a Labour Page . It's not about excuse it's about understanding.and looking at alternative experiences and other causes.

I would not presume to say that because I am not in a wheelchair I would understand that it's difficult to do so.. As a Psychotherapist I try to understand different words metaphors and images of others please give me the same respect on my blind spots and difficulties. I never realised that so many week the role of correcting others. Ignorance is no excuse yet disability is not a choice.

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