Friday, 20 April 2018

Misty Mornings and confirmations of my join the Labour party

  A misty day as I wait at the Penrhos Bus stop. Over night I hear of two Tory losses in by elections. In each case it was to the Liberal Democrats. This seems to indicate that in Tory Liberal marginald votes seem to be used tactically. The signs are that In 14 days time we will be hearing oif a two pronged assault from other parties in Tory held seats . I can predict I think significant gains for progressive and left wing parties.. however I have real concerns that in a clo

I check my e-mails I discover one from Wales Green Party. It's a very respectful e-mail but it tells me that a local party has made a complaint about me. It points out though that on my blog it stated that I had joined Momentum and hence the Labour Party on January 29th and therefore they could do nothing.. .phew...i guess my tact and silence till April 18th ...felk on stony ground...

"Good evening Martyn,

Sorry to bother you but the Wales Green Party is about to commence an investigation into a complaint made by one of our local parties. During the initial evidence gathering it came to our notice that in your blog dated Wednesday 18th April 2018 you said that you had joined Momentum and thus the Labour Party on January 29th. 

Are you able to confirm that this is the case? As, if so, we will not need to proceed any further with the investigation.

Kind regards"

I suspect that the complaint concerns my covert outing of far right and alt right activists through various approaches and methods. One could imagine a situation in 1933 in Germany as the S.A. and SS March through the Brandenburg gate a complaint being put in that I was unfair and underhand in my resistance to FASCISM. I am sure that my family roots coming from Eastern Europe and Spain from Jewish origins makes me a touch sensitive.. I mean you have to be nice and fair to the hard right don't you...its very easy when you have never had to face them...isnt it? I mean they are just misguided are they not....?

At the bus stop someone ask me to help with a Pips claim...its going to be a busy time coming up and there is only one thing I have to say...after 30 years I find myself back in the same party as Peter Hain, Leighton Andrews and I believe Andy Chyba.. it's going to be interesting..

With virtual total control of the Labour Party Corbyn is now able to make it a true member based democratic organisation. There can be no excuse for not having mandatory reselectionn for every MP and for every Councillor. In Wales real signs begin of a powerful Corbynista wing creating an alchemical process of renewal. There is now real speculation that a Scottish like renewal of Labour will begin here. In Wales there are 2000 Momentum members and I begin to detect an emergence of an outlook that is about Welsh self determination, and is of Green and Ecosocialist philisophy in form.. Plaid have the McEvoy problem at present and there are real threats of alleged legal action being circulated by his trained attack dogs that do much to silence criticism. It's no accident that Anne Greagsby is now behaving in a way within Plaid that she did bith in n the Greens and in the days when she worked as a staffer for Julie Morgan. The ego of the Broflake of the North were much wounded when Neil McEvoy chose not to join 'Jocs' UKIP like Frankenstein party of the centre nationalist right. Perhaps the likes of the " Big G" and his conspiracy theories were too much even for the ego of the big McE. The men who applaud him. laud him and share his populism and prejudices fear women, the trans gendered and all approaches and lens outside their own. I have met them by the bucket load AND they are afraid of women, loath feminism and diversity AND diffetence. Their social conservatism and insecurity makes them who they are and it is so easy for them to hide behind the defence mechanisms of the alt right with its limited and simplistic jargon.
Welsh Labour is far from perfect but real possibilities are now happening. The coming Deputy Leadership campaign will be most revealing. The post Carwyn Jones Wales will be a true test of reform both within Welsh Labour and of its future.

Following on from the war of McEvoy^s ego we will see which way Plaid moves. Leanne Woods excellent ecosocialist legacy will be tested as the civil war between McEvoys acolytes and the rest breaks out. Right wing populists usually set out to destroy and I am afraid that the socialists and Ecosocialists within Plaid are about to find that out. I give you some Sunday thoughts as my hangover fades and I consider possibilities and futures..
It is quite clear now and the hour is getting late. The choice now is how the major figures of the Left respond to the next election. I could imagine both Leanne Wood and Caroline Lucas being able to cooperate and provide critical support for a Corbyn government. The role of the Greens and Plaid may well be to introduce and influence radical policies in that government. The 40000 members of the Green Party and the Ecosocialist wing in Plaid will be essential to keep a left wing Labour government honest. However the issues of devolution, a Welsh identity and that of Europe need a socialist and green approach and critique.

In any case the post Corbyn left Labour Party will need their input to retain its credentials and outlook. It is refreshing break from the Blairite tendency but it really is getting late and it is this that has led me to my decision to join Momentum and with it the Labour Party. I have no issue with the Green Party and it's wonderful and thoughtful agenda but I grow tired of the Greens inability and acceptance of having to be ' nice ' to nasty little fascists and those who glory in an alt right outlooks. I will maintain my friendship and emotional support for the excellent people I met there. However I have repeatedly warned of the dangers of staying silent and accepting prejudiced and ignorant behaviours and outlooks.

This has been no conversion of a Damascian kind on the road to Ystradgynlais. It has been a "slow train coming" of reasoned thought and debate both within myself and with a range of other people. On January 29th I joined Momentum and with it the Labour Party.. I have now served my probationary period within Labour and I look to the future. Corbyn is an honourable decent man who has been right on most things. He scares the establishment and that is what is important. I want to see Corbyn out No 10 and John Macdonnel at number 11 because I want to see the paradigm change and with tbatmany new things become possible. This is what breaking the mould is really about and it is only this way that new deals for Wales, Scotland and for the excluded and the oppressed to be empowered. There is no other way and the long game he is playing on Brexit is the best possible solution.. Perhaps my decision will surprise many of you and annoy others. As I have said this a new decade for me and I feel hope return to me. I have no illusions just how many challenges lay ahead in joining Welsh Labour. However a very decent man with first class instincts on Animal rights , socialism and fairness to all makes it the best way and there is a world still to centre party will ever make that possible.. I have always been an Ecosocialist. The real decision was how to use my beliefs; faith and passion in the most effective way.

“Footfalls echo in the memory, down the passage we did not take, towards the door we never opened, into the rose garden"

Well, the moral of the story
The moral of this song
Is simply that one should never be
Where one does not belong
So when you see your neighbor carryin' somethin'
Help him with his load
And don't go mistaking Paradise
For that home across the road

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