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Speculations on the political activists and group rolrs......

Political activists and group roles...some speculations.........

Ten key roles in a group...which one am I? You have all met these people at political know I am right.......

The Lone Wolf

You dont commit yourself to the group, but love to criticise or compare the group with other groups, usually unfavorably.Ask yourself “ Why do I hang around people I consider inferior? Am I afraid of my equals/. Also ask “ How would my criticisms be different if I said “ We should...instead of. You should …/”

The Orphan

Often 6you come from a background of loss and deprivation. You may have been a prisoner, a mental patient or another one of societies excluded. You desperately want the closeness that the group offers and are terrified both of the vulnerability that it represents and the rejection you are sure you will get instead. You believe that if people really knew you they would be disappointed or disgusted. So you slink around the edge of the group, never opening or making close friends and eventually others do start to dislike you, fulfilling your worst fears. Ask yourself, “ What work can I take on for the group, particularly with one or two others/ . What can I contribute? “

Give Me Refuge 

You are constantly demanding something from the group., advice, reassurance, help. You want the group to make you feel welcome, important, loved supported. After all is that not what its there for ? Ask yourself 2 What actual work can I do for the group? What can I take on- and can I do them in such a way that my work does not require anyone else to expend energy on these tasks? Also ask “ How would I act differently if I felt I had power” then act that way..

The Filler

You just take up space. You feel your opinions and ideas are not important, interesting or valuable. Perhaps you have been trained all your life to think that way . Wear brighter colours and encourage yourself to speak up at least once every meeting, particularly when your ideas and perceptions differ from others. Take on a task involving rather more than routine work-perhaps with the orphan. Meet someone who is a group member in a non group setting and talk about your life outside the group.

The Princess

You are so very sensitive to the group process is never smooth enough for you. You feel compelled to comment on a slight tensions and minor nuances of conflict, often expressing great anxiety. The Princess (may be of any gender or sexuality) is often a therapist or a former dominant figure and often leaves the group if they are not running it. Ask yourself “ Who am I comparing , and why?” Refrain from commenting on group process until you can do so by affectionately insulting another group member.

The Clown 

The clown or fool is an important figure in many tribal rituals or groups. The clown's job is to make fun of people and rigid organisations, and to provide comic relief You provide an important role and service to the group. Nevertheless ask yourself, " can I be serious whwn necessary? Do I know when to practice restraint?" Is my clowning, at any given moment, futhering the work of the group/? " Am I afraid of open conflict?

The Cute Kid 

You are charming, good looking and want approval from others badly. Your excuse when you do not want to do something is to plead helplessness or get sick. You would love to be taken care of, yet you are far more competent and strong than you really willing to believe. Ask yourself 2Do I really mean that I cant, or that I dont want to ?. Does the task perhaps need to be done whether I want to do it or not- and done by me.? What new level of power or responsibility will I camit to if I do it ?. Does that scare me ? “ Also ask, “What is my life-in the group- would I do it whether or not others approve? Ask the group for positive feedback on your skills and abilities.

The Self Hater 

You are a perfectionist, harder on yourself than on others. Nevertheless you are continually escalating your standards for the group, and are outraged at how much others fail to live up to them. You dont understand why others feel guilty after talking to you, when you are only trying to raise consciousness about the issue. Be nicer to yourself. Play. At least one a day, do something irresponsible. Sandwich your criticism between expressions of appreciation. Ask yourself do you Identify with Jesus. If the answer is yes ask your friends to sing hymns to you in an off key way before the meeting starts.

The Rock of the Ages  

You take on thankless tasks and get them done. You remember what everybody else forgets . Everyone comes to you with their problems. Outsiders see you as the “leader” of the group. Indeed you feel the group would fall apart without you. Ask yourself “ Am I afraid of showing my weaknesses?” Also ask, “ What tasks can I delegate?” Give away some of the juicy, creative tasks as well as the routine work. Begin training your replacement immediately, before burnout sets in.

The Star 

You feel the meeting has not really begun until you arrive. You talk a lot, and often interrupt people, because you know that you will say exactly the right thing to save the situation. Really you are brilliant. Practice silence. Ask your self “ Do I really want to impress people or empower people? How do I feel about people who are constantly trying to prove to me I can never equal them?”
Recognize that others feel the same way about you. Change and keep you friends.

My role is often to play the star or the lone wolf . I have been trained for it since my early childhood. I plead guilty.

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